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News and Updates

March rised beyond its half, and we urgently need more spring sunshine. So today we will try to bring you a little warmth from Spain, at least on pages of kid's books.

We'd like to show you two illustrated adaptations for children. And the first is a book published in 2010 by Lumen company based in Barcelona. This book is the first of all books we've known so far where the artist tried to picture... Siren who guarded underground lake where Erik used to live! And more, his life in circus as Living Corpse. More information you will find on our special page.

The second book, it's application for Android, was published recently, November 2015 by Lisbon Labs from Portugal. Illustrated book with audioguide is bilingual, English and Spanish. It is for very young readers. More detailes and a lot of pictures you can find on the special page.

Dear ladies! Congratulations with All Women Day, it's warm, kind and Spring-like holiday, so let kindness, smiles, happiness and sun be in your lives! Love and be loved! Today we've got a day of Indian movies. What's the Indian movie? It's always love, dance and singing. And if there are some Phantom moments, it's twice better.

First movie is Om Shanti Om. This movie itself is not Phantom-related, but its climactic scene is a true gift to us, because it's quoting directly The Phantom of the Opera 2004 movie. You will find full information, synopsis and videoclip with that special scene on our page.

Second Bollywood's movie is Deewangee. It's 3-hour long story which can be divided into two parts. The first one is not our Phantom-related, but the second art is a true gem for any Phantom fan, because here you can find lots of reminiscences and allusions. The movie itself was quite interesting, with complex plot and plot twists. More information and screenshots are here.

News worth the last day of leap month. Sad but true, Stage Entertainment's official VKontakte group announced this season to be the last for Moscow Phantom of the Opera show. This anniversary year musical will be performed in France, so from Moscow it will be relocated in Paris. There are posters around Moscow, telling sad news. If you haven't seen it yet, it's last chance! Go! Time is limited!

Dear friends! Today in Russia we celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day. Officially it celebrates those who are or were serving the army, but unofficially it's the holiday of men in general, as March 8 is the Day of Women.

So holiday can't be a real holiday without concerts. And we've got three of them! And very glorious ones, we promise!

Last Autumn State Kremlin Palace celebrated its first official jubilee — 25 years. Quarter-century is a powerfull matter to extend celebration. It started in September, and two months later guests were pleased with multi-genre concert where Gleb Matveychuk and Elmira Kalimullina performed famous duet from The Phantom of the Opera. You can judge this show on the special page.

A lot of TV-watchers met New Year Eve with Russia-1 TV channel and its Goluboy Ogonek, long-live traditional TV broadcast, which warms our hearts at this night full of joy. This time we heard famous duet sung by Nikolay Baskov and Ksenia Dezhneva. It reminded us another time when Nikolay Baskov performed this duet — opposite Dariga Nazarbayeva (daughter of Kazakhstan Respublic's President). It happened at Alma-Ata My First Love Festival in 2014. We recommend you to check this concert out, because it was performance not for the faint-hearted. Find both shows on Baskov's special page on our site.

Happy St Valentine's Day to everyone! We've got a very special tradition: every year on St. Valentine's we update our site with fresh portion of high rated materials. Today is not an exception. But we truly ask all under-age guys to switch off, because today's materials are harsh.

Lets begin with our list of XXX movies. We added three more movies were creators put some Phantom style inside the plot. (What plot in XXX movies BTW?)

• Panting at the Opera: it's the first known movie in this category. It was shot in 1988. If you know anything older, let us know too!
• Phantom of the Cabaret 2: the second part of this movie. We told you about the first part, so today you'll know more about this thrilling story.
• The Phantom of the Porn Set: the lost movie never broadcasted. But we collected all known facts on the page, so you can get an insight into it.

And also we'll show you a book. Frankly speaking we'd found it long ago, but all that time we'd been hesitating over a choice because of its content. The Phantom called Whisperer is turned to a real sex machine obsessed with B&D. But OK, we've been always saying we're open-minded. so please welcome The Phantom of the Roxy by Brian Tarsis. On the special page you'll find information about the author, synopsis (violent scenes are not detailed) and some of 30 illustrations (the less harmful ones). But be prepared. And we worn you again. It's 21+!

Dear friends!
Today is 11th birthday of our site! It's not a baby anymore, those days when it was small and black and tried its first steps are gone now. It's a teenager now, and still growing! We are pleased to welcome you to join us in wonderful journey in all-Phantom universe!

Our brave team with Elena di Veneria as a team leader, visited Hamburg this January to see Love Never Dies on stage. We prepared to hate Liebe Stirbt Nie, but instead we... But shhh! To know more, please open our special page! For you as always information and interesting facts, videos, offstage pictures and promos. And — honest review with tonnes of pictures!

Read and imagine you're in Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg...

Dear friends!

Today in Russian Orthodox Church we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. It's one of the most important holy days. Also today's Michael Crawford's 74th Birthday. He's great actor and singer, and all of us know what he did for our Phantom fandom. We wish him new roles, good health and all the best!

And ta-DAM! The news we all have been waiting for a long time! In October we will celebrate 30 years on stage of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece. And we will celebrate it in... Paris! Théâtre Mogador will welcome the musical in the Fall. Tickets will be on sale from the Valentine's Day.

To Paris, dear Phantom fans, to Paris!

Today in Russia we've got the very special holiday, which is unknown in the whole world. It's so-called Old New Year. As you may — or may not — know, Julian calendar was used as the basis for European calendar in the past. Later it was replaced by Gregorian calendar. Russia was one of the last countries to convert to this calendar. Some time dual dating was used in Russia, and now we call it old style calendar. And this Old New Year is not the less than New Year in Julian calendar.

Today we want to show you an extra from Glavkontsert TV concert, broadcasted december 31. Dmitry Ermak and Elena Bakhtiyarova sang the main duet. On the special page, as usual, you can find video, pictures and full information.

And as funny addition to our update — a new trophy was added to our page with plagiarism. Lots of book covers with the same mask! If you know more, please, let us know!

In Russia, we celebrate Christmas today. So Merry Christmas fellow Phantom fans!

It's our good old tradition to update Beauty and the Beast pages every Christmas. Let's roll ourselves in a rug with mug of hot gluhwein in one hand, and with teddy-bear under other hand... and watch the story where beautiful girl makes man from the beast.

We updated the page about lovely Italian-Spanish mini series La Bella e La Bestia. December 12, 2015 a TV version of this mini series was broadcasted. So we present our new page with full synopsis and all changes marked with red.

But sometimes the Beast to fight with is not the Beast actually, but inner demons of creative crew of the next movie. We're talking about Australian-Canadian "masterpiece" broadcasted in 2009 — Beauty and the Beast starring Estella Warren as Beauty. On the special page you will find full synopsis and screenshots to do justice to it.

And this new year let us start with summarizing! Fresh news about Russian stage version. In 2 weeks, January 17, it will celebrate 500th perfofmance. Audience will get the special gift, signed poster! Hurry up!

Our page with TV and radio broadcasts is still growing! Also there are some new articles on the media page: online interviews with Ivan Ozhogin, Elena Bakhtiyarova, Dmitry Ermak, Ekaterina Lyokhina, Dmitry Bogachev. And printed materials:

• Lyubimaya Dacha with Dmitry Ermak and Natalia Bystrova;
• OK! with them as well;
• HELLO! with sir Andrew Lloyd Webber;
• Turbiznes with Ivan Ozhogin;
• Telek with Elena Bakhtiyarova;
• Otdokhni! with her as well;
• Argumenty i Fakti with Dmitry Bogachev.

And as the cherry on the cake, pony! Two weeks ago in National equestrian park Rus there was pony sport festival "Christal pony", dressing-out with music. Vera Misailova with her Welsh pony presented the Phantom of the Opera. More information and pictures as usual are on the special page.

12/31/2015 — 01/01/2016
Dearest friends! 2015 is gone. It had his great and sad moments, was full of glory and pity, expectations and miracles. In new 2016 year we wish you new achievements, new friends, new glorious travels! We thank you for being with us in 2015, and together with Erik welcome you to discover more Phantom things in 2016! You won't be disappointed!

And as the last update in 2015, we added one more book to our list of Russian translations. This time, it's a collection of ghost stories, and it was published in Kiev (Ukraine). Please check it on our special page!

Happy New Year!

More news you can find in the News Archive.