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News and Updates

The first summer day, beginning of summer vacations and Children's Day in some countries (including Russia). That is why we update our site for children today.
What kids like to do? Watch cartoons of course! We tried to find something good, but thats all we was able to find.
Get Blake!, France/USA production, season 1, episode 16 called Get Toothy! includes a parody to the Phantom of the Opera. More information about it, synopsis and screenshots are on the special page.
The second episode is from Futurama, so its for more adult audience. In Near-Death Wish episode there is micro reference to the Phantom of the Opera. You can know more on the special page.

Today we invite you to watch Yeston/Kopit Phantom! In Poland it is called Phantom Upior w operze. Here it is onstage almost ongoing since 1999. Almost because we are talking about four stage versions in three different cities. We present you special information page with all detailes, picture gallery and Lublin programme.

Dear friends! Todays the Victory Day! It is a memory of boundless self-sacrifice of Russian people, bravery, courage, and fearlessness. It is the day of all of us. Our civic and human duty is to cherish the memory of the World War II tragedy and gently take care of veterans living alongside us. Peaceful skies for all of you!

Our present to you today is another South Korean book. It is an adaptation of Gaston Leroux novel for studing English. Inside there is English text (by Joy Sharp) with additional material in Korean. the most interesting part is illustrations, of course. They are by Han Sungwon. Pictutes are well-made, but why the Phantom is a fair-haired handsome half-masked man? Intrigue is on the special page.

Lets watch a movie! For example, this one called Mystère à l'Opéra (Mystery at Grand Opera). It has no direct relations to the Phantom of the Opera story, but many details and, the most important, location will touch feelings of true Phantom fans. Synopsis and screenshots are on the special page.

Another small bead in a Beauty and the Beast necklace. Quite nice romance novel Seven nights in a rogue's bed, a story set in England in 1820s, when brave and beautiful Sidonie who has to spend seven sinful nights in a castle of scarred scoundrel. Full synopsis is on the special page.

In summer of 2013 administrators of this site visited Grand Opera and picked up some interesting books in its gift shop. For example, this little Le fantôme du théâtre (the phantom of the theatre) book. We couldnt resist it, of course. But on closer examination it proved that it has little to do with the story of the Phantom of the Opera, but the authors, no doubt, read this novel and added some twists to their own story. So we decided to show you this book It is about the hounted theatre, a kids horror story. Synopsis and illustrations are on the special page.

Dear friends! Today is the birthday of the man without whom this site and our cheerful and cosmopolitan fandom wouldnt have existed. Gaston Leroux was copious writer. Among his works there are adventures and cape-and-dagger fiction novels, crime mysteries and horror short stories. But for us worldwide he is known as the Phantom of the Operas father. Lets drink a Tokai, out traditional festive wine, and congratulate each other with such almost round anniversary 149 years.

For you, dear guests, we preapared a gift! We publish here the biography of Gaston Lerous. Today its the most full and detailed biography of this French writer. We wish you a joyful read!

Today wed like to pleasure you with the fresh book from the Beauty and the Beast section. It is a fanfic based on Disney version of the famous animated movie. Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book tells us how Bell spends her time in Beasts castle, how she finds a magic book and comes a victim of two wicked sisters bargain Information about the book and spoilers alert! the full synopsis are on the special page.

The sixth time Voice TV show appears on our site. This time its Ukrainian version called ï. In this, seventh, season the famous melody from the Phantom of the Opera musical by Webber again was on air. It was called aria questionably, and the audience watched actually not a duet but the duel by Anastasia Malashkevich and Nati Gale. All the information is on the special page.

Today we present one more fanfic and from America again: Phantom, Out of the Shadows by Barbara J. Allen. The most interesting part is the biography of the author. The Phantom is from the movie (2004), who, as weve already learned from other books, didnt kill em all, things do happen, you know. On these pages you will meet OFC, horses, and, more, author put some pictures inside her book. All detailes are on the special page.

With a pleasure announce that the year of 2017 brought us three more Russian editions of Gaston Lerouss novel. Two of them are from Eksmo publisher and the third is from AST publisher. But, alas, the good news are over. Readers wouldnt be surprised by variety of translations. All three Russian texts are by Svetovidova. So just covers are different, not the content. Our full list of Russian editions consists of 38 books now including digital works and audiobooks. It is the most full catalogue of Russian editions ever!

But not only those books are here today. People read fanfics, write fanfics, and some of them publish fanfics. Usually the most amount of such self-published fanfics are from the USA. Today lets read the the opus by Anstance Tamplin My Phantom: The Memoir of Christine Daaé. It is what it is, a memoir, long, calm and boring. And yes, all what Leroux wrote was untrue. Believe it or not.

Congratulations with the 1st of May International Workers' Day!
In Russia the first several days in May are holidays, and these work-free days always full of the special expectations of warmth, summer, and for some of us upcoming summer vacations. All these days from 1 to 9 of May here on our site there will be special marathon called No one day without an update! Each day we will post a new piece of information of the Phantom of the Opera world.

And today weve got the first present for you, Korean illustrated book, a children adaptation of Leroux novel. The special interest is, of course, in its pictures. You can learn more on the special page.

Dear friends! Today, in April Fools' Day with its unofficial slogan April the 1st, don't believe anybody, we are honest with you. Today we celebrate birthday of one of the most talented actors of the beginning of XX century. A man who presented us unique vision of the Phantom of the Opera.
Lon Chaney.
Today is his 134th birthday.
As our old good tradition, today we share with you information about the book everybody must have. Philip J. Riley and his story of creation of the Phantom of the Opera 1925 information about him and his masterpiece is on the special page.

Dearest ladies! We congratulate you with the most warm hearted holiday of Springtime International Women's Day!

As a gift, we prepared for you information about Mori Yeston and Arthur Kopit's Phantom. You probably have already watched its TV adaptation of 1990 starring Charles Dance and had a chance to hear about Takarazuka version.

Couple of weeks ago one of our administrators watched this musical in Seoul, South Korea, and she is in admiration of it. It appeared to be that stage version by Yeston/Kopit is just as well as world known musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Information is too much for today, so we will be back to it next time. Today we suggest you to read general information about the musical, history of its creation and productions in different countries.

And specified information:

• Witchita (Cansas, USA), 1993
• Helsinki (Finland), 1993
• Riverside (California), 2004
• Takarazuka Theatre (Japan), 2004/2006/2011
• Tokyo, Osaka (Japan), 2008/2010
• Tokyo, Osaka (Japan), 2014

And finally American productions' photo gallery of various years.

Later we'll tell you about this musical production in South Korea. Stay tuned!

Dear friends! Congratulations with the first day of Spring! And it doesn't matter that there will be more snowing, and cold. Spring has already came, and it brings us special mood and unparalleled luxury waiting of a miracle, foretaste of something new, relief of hard winter months.

Today we bring you two little presents two TV shows. In Toch-v-Toch project (exactly to a T) Gleb Matveychuk presented duet from 2004 movie. Yes, the same singer in two roles, he sang duet with himself. How was it, read on the special page.

And Good Morning America in December congratulated Andrew Lloyd Webber with the fact that three of his shows are at the same time on Broadway and did it in original manner. More information is on the special page.

Congratulations with the most romantic day St. Valentines! We wish all the lovers to be happy and the rest of the world to fall in love (mutual of course!).

Here, on this site, we have a very special tradition for this day. We publish 18+ updates for adults only. And today we present you a book with pompous name 100 Romantic Lovemaking Positions Secret Erotic Photo Gallery and Sex Diary of The Phantom of the Opera: Raoul, Vicomte Chagny, Christine Daae & Phantom Love Scenes Nude-Nude Art Photos, by B. Free. What is this and why it is here, you can read about it on the special page.

And now we suggest you to know more about two books of The Adam & Eve Series by Paul Preston. This is, of course, a nickname. There are three books is this series, so why we present you only two of them, and what Joseph Buquet is doing here you can read on the special page. You will discover the story of Philipp and three his women, for whom he is both the Phantom and the Beast.

Let's prolong the joy of Birthday Party! Today we watch Studio C sketch show The Phantom of the Opera's Girl Problems. On the special page you will read information about Studio C participants and watch this episode.

Today is our site's 12th Birthday! Our crew send you big and warm greetings, hug all of you and each in person and promise to work hard!

Today we prepared for you not a usual book. It is available in gift shop of Grand Opera. And that is not by an accident. The main heroine is Meg Giry! And the plot is set in Gran Opera itself! Yes, it is a children adaptation, but not a simple one. It contains CD with additional music. And here we have all we love in Phantom of the Opera story. Carlotta's toad, mysterious Siren, and, of course, a boy in a Red Hat... And if you don't understand where does the red hat concerns the Phantom welcome to the special page of Le Fantôme de l'Opéra! Here you will see information and great pictures.

Dear friends! Congratulate all of you who celebrate Christmas today! We wish you love, kindness and warmth!

Today as usual we've got an update in Beauty and the Beast section. Christmas is a family holiday, so let's celebrate it with good old anime of 1988. We will watch one of episodes in Grimm Masterpiece Theater series (Japan) which is called Tale of Winter Garden and Summer Garden. Jn the special page you will find synopsis, screenshots and also you can watch this episode online.

And one more interesting version of Beauty and the Beast tale: German-Austrian production. Here you will find charming episode set in library where the Beast read his own poetry to Beauty. On the page about this film you will find full information, screenshots and synopsis.

And the cherry on top Winter Rose, a romance novel. Its main character is a shallow-minded person, and, you know, her love interest not the Beast... Well, you can read synopsis and find out more.

12/31/2016 01/01/2017
Dear friends! We congratulate you with the New Year! Year of 2016 had gone, and it had its bads and goods, it was sad and funny, full of good and bad news. We wish all of you that new 2017 year to bring you joy, health, happiness. And of course a lot of interesting and Phantom-ish! We thank you that you were with us the last year. Believe us, you support is an invaluable help to us!

With this update we are going to bring to a close all incompletes of past years. And today we start with Jennifer Linforth trilogy. As you can remember (or not) this writer published three books in Madrigal series. On the special page we will tell you about the last book in series, Rondo. Attention! Spoilers alert! As usual! Also we updated the page about Linforth who changed her nickname.

Also we finally share with you synopsis of crime mystery of 1988 year, no joke! Phantom of the Soap Opera is a story which has a little with the Phantom of the Opera itself. But in general it is pretty little old school crime mystery.

And as a dessert New Year, you know, celebration, masquerade we present you a very special page. Here you can find the Phantom masks. We mean, masks of Erik, according to the original Gaston Leroux novel. We tell you all.

Happy New Year!

More news you can find in the News Archive.