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The Phantom of the Opera on stage

What could be more symbolic - a performance about the theater is on the stage.

Musicals, dramas, even ballets - amazing how rich the fantasy of their creators is. Even though the source is the same for everyone, we can definitely say: no performanceis like the other.

On stage

Here are all performances based on The Phantom of the Opera are collected, such as ballets, comedies, musicals, and other variations on the theme. The performances can be sorted by the release date, the country in which they first appeared, the names of the creators, the title in an alphabetical order.

Amateur Productions. The Phantom of the Opera in Concert. Miscellaneous

Variety of concert performances, amateur and student productions as well as all unusual - striptease, "trans" and other shows.

The Phantom of the Opera in Russia

The Phantom of the Opera in Russia is represented more than modest. We do not have our own original performance. And none of the official world musicals has not been staged yet. Only in October 2014 the Russian audience will see the Webbers musical first time. But there are several unofficial Webbers musical productions - on stages of provincial theaters. Besides Russian singers are actively taking the advantage of the main musical theme as well as make concert numbers, create clips ... and interesting parodies as well.

The Phantom of the Opera Shows-to-be

Pantry Section. Here are the performances of which there is very little information. It seems such a performance exists ... and apparently it does not. Consequently, it will be placed in the Pantry until the details are clarified in order that one day it will be able to take its rightful place among the other performances or disappear. Here the performances are collected as well that are in the idea / development stage, previews and the one that are announced.


Before television settled down in every house it had been a radio. But not only news and weather forecast were broadcasted on the radio. Radio broadcasts had been popular for a long time. They are so-called the radio theater when the actors come into the studio and naturally act out episodes in front of a microphone. Or just read the text in the measure of the talent. For a long time such broadcasts had not been just popular, but very popular. No wonder they still have fans. Surprisingly, but The Phantom of the Opera has not been put aside by such a Radiomania.

The Phantom of the Opera Appearance

In this section there are the performances where our ubiquitous Phantom of the Opera appears among other characters. Either he was mentioned by night or

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