In a day or two we will be able to see the production of Sir Webbers musical on the Russian scene.
And maybe we will have an original performance. Who knows?

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Concept Idea © Elena di Veneria

The Phantom of the Opera in Russia

In the West there is a Webbersmusical, movies based on the Lerouxs book, fanfiction is published. And what about Russia? It has been offended! It has been deprived! an inhabitant can exclaim. Yes, but not in everything. Yes, we have only the book by Gaston Leroux and Masquerade by Terry Pratchett translated, for the most part the audience did not even hear about other books.And yet we have no original performances. But still The Phantom of the Opera lives in Russia.

Concept Idea © Elena di Veneria

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical

Finally they did the thing that Russian fans of The Phantom of the Opera have been waiting for 27 years: a theater company Stage Entertainment has announced the upcoming performance in Moscow of The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber! On this page we will cover all news about the Russian version.

Books / Published works

In this section there are the reviews of The Phantom of the Opera books published in Russian. They are various translations of the Gaston Lerouxs novel, published original and translated fanfictions, as well as all sorts of publications on the topic interest to you.

Audio / Video

In this section there are the reviews of videos and audio interpretations. Both famous tunes (primarily, of course, the ones composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber) and original ones were taken as a basis. They are rendered in Russian or by Russian stars.

On stage

Overview of all kinds of performances on The Phantom of the Opera, i.e. full performances, concert numbers, parodies and many other things.

Phantom of the Opera on Ice

Figure skating

Each program which skaters perform at the competition or in the show is a small finished number which has its own idea with appropriate music, costumes and choreography. Follow the link and you will find a list of skaters who turned to The Phantom of the Opera theme, their photos in images and brief information about the skaters and their programs.

Role-playing games

Role-playing games

Here all thing are collected that can be described as fans creativity that is cosplay, role-playing games, recitals. Additionally, everything that does not belong to any other category is gathered here.


Slide film

Here is the first in Russia and in the world The Phantom of the Opera slide film. It was made on the Lerouxs book under the motto That Phantom of the Opera Which you Wanted to Watch. Making Pictures Group that accounts for such artistic achievements as Notre Dame de Paris, Terry Pratchetts novels slide films, the Arabian Tales has decided to make a gift to all phantom addicts secretly dreaming of a happy ending for Eric. So the slide film became a vivid illustration of many fanfics.

The Phantom of the Opera dessert

Paris in Russia
Clubs, cafes, restaurants...

On this page you will find the Russian trace of The Phantom of the Opera, and namely cocktails and desserts, nightclubs and shows named in the honor of The Phantom of the Opera or dedicated to The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom of the Opera Russian traces collection is here.

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