Christine Nilsson

Adelina Patti

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Concept Idea
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Actual events and inverse characters

Everyone who has touched The Phantom of the Opera world, who has fallen in love with the story and re-read the Leroux’s book for several times, sooner or later, asks the same question: “Is it all really a creation of the writer’ brain?" "No, no - answers an inquisitive reader to himself. - I do not believe it! Erik was real! Otherwise, I do not play." And someone begins his investigation of the mysterious history.

Gaston Leroux was a talented writer, no less talented journalist and even though a very successful hoaxer. He seems to play with the reader in charades, skillfully masking and shuffling the facts,alternating explicit fictions with the events known for certain. What if not a game he offers us from the first page of the novel claiming that the Phantom of the Opera was real?

Let’s leaf through the old history and see what facts and events took place, what real people found a second life in the novel ... Maybe we will be able to answer the main question - was Erik real?

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Although some articles quotes the Gaston Leroux’s
book The Phantom of the Opera, it is assumed
that the reader is familiar with its content.