Paris Opera. The Palais Garnier. The Grand Opera. National Academy of Music. There are so many names and there is just one building. Here it is, the most real, the liveliest character of the novel!

Concept Idea © Elena di Veneria


Concept Idea © Elena di Veneria

Text on the reverse page: "Paris - L'Opéra Garnier - Aquarelle de Dominique Bruyant"
Publisher: Aquarupella, Imprimérie de l'Ouest, La Rochelle.

Grand Opera: illustrated historical travel

A virtual tour of the building, a large number of illustrations, compilation of disembodied information as well as rumors and gossips accompanying the theater.

Grand Opera: art, pictures, post cards

A virtual journey from drawings to the modern appearance.

Architectures : L'Opéra Garnier

A documentary about the Grand Opera. Interesting and rare footage.

Opéra National de Paris

A Russian documentary about the Grand Opera, its history and legends.

Le Nouvel Opéra

Targhis’s story about the book written by Charles Garnier, about the Grand Opera. Rare illustrations, interesting and detailed information about the book.

Alfred Clark mystery

A small study on the mysterious burial of gramophone records in the basements of the Grand Opera.

Fallen chandelier: real story

On the things happened in the Grand Opera in May 20, 1896.

Mystery of underground lake

History of the Grand Opera basements, the Paris catacombs scheme, information about what actually constitutes the "underground lake" located beneath the Opera House and many other things.

Box five: fact & fiction

We took five most common myths associated with a box of The Phantom of the Opera and intentionally went to Paris to learn what is true and what is a fiction.

Grand Opera in collections

The Grand Opera in collections: postcards, photos, toys.

Music in Leroux's novel

The novel is filled with well-known and not very famous names of composers, librettists, performing musicians. The information contained in this section will help you to navigate in the world of sounds of the mid-late nineteenth century.

Libretto and librettists.
Performing musicians.

Madame Carvalho Portrait, the famous soprano, 1885,
made by Elliott & Fry, London.

Old Le Peletier Opera

Since we have started talking about the Opera House we can’t but mention the building burned in 1873. In this theater Christina Nilsson shone, one of Christine Daae prototypes (we just note in parentheses that Nilsson has never sung on the stage of the Grand Opera).

Published in Univers illustré, 11/15/1873