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The works of The Phantom of the Opera fans are gathered in several huge sections:

FanFiction is the largest Russian-language fan fiction archive, all ratings, the sizes are fromdrabbles to a maxi, poetry, here you can leave a comment to the work you like.

Fanart is a collection of drawings, collages and manips broken down into several sections, there are Russian and foreign authors, different genres, different Phantoms.

Fanvideo is a collection of clips based not only on the Schumachers film but also on other Phantom related films.

Multimedia is a huge section devoted to music:

• Music from musicals and films.

• Soundtracks: officially published discs to films and theatre pieces.

• The Phantom of the Opera in Russia: video and audio of Russian artists (covers and original compositions).

• Miscellaneous: reality shows, TV shows, concerts and a variety of video and audio resources that do not fall under any category (foreign performers).

Books are the most comprehensive list of books devoted to The Phantom of the Opera:

• Direct Sequels / Retellings of Gaston Lerouxs Book. Sequels, prequels, spin-offs based on Gaston Lerouxs novel, Webbers musical and Schumachers film.

• Books inspired by Leroux's novel / Books with similar storyline. The books in which the action is transferred to our time. Or the plot is similar but the characters names differ. Or there are some elements in common with the book / musical / film in the plot.

• Children books and Adaptations. Picture books are books released just for children.

• Comics / Manga / Manhwa.

• Non-fiction books / Biography. The section title speaks for itself. Research on the fandom of The Phantom of the Opera, biography of Leroux, Garnier, etc.

• Books: Possible Prototypes. The books written before 1909 when Leroux published his novel in the journal, and therefore the books that might have served him as a base.

• Chicklits. Love stories, sentimental prose, erotic stories with distant hints to The Phantom of the Opera.

• Plays and Scripts. Published plays. Both the staged plays and presentations that nobody has taken in a hand are collected here.

• Schoolbooks with The Phantom of the Opera theme exercises.

• Audiobooks.

• Beauty and the Beast. The books where the French fairy tale plot is played out.

Stage is a section devoted to The Phantom of the Opera productions:

• On stage. A huge collection of stage plays including the ballet and the pantomime. In particular:

          • Webbers musical (creation history, costumes, productions by countries, mocks and many other things);
          • Love Never Dies (productions by countries);
          • Yeston/Kopit's musical (productions by countries);
          • Takarazuka (Japanese productions of Yeston/Kopit musical and even more).

• Amateur Productions. Amateur Productions. The Phantom of the Opera in Concert. Miscellaneous.

• The Phantom of the Opera in Russia. All that available for the Russian audience: concerted numbers, mocks, clips, etc. There are also several unofficial Webbers musical productions. And the official musical, of course.

• Shows-to-be. Here are the productions a little information of which is available. It seems there is such a production... and supposedly there is not. Announcements of the upcoming productions.

• Broadcasts.

• The Phantom of the Opera Appearance. Stage plays off The Phantom of the Opera Theme but with its participation as a cameo.

Movies is the largest section which collects movies that are somehow relevant to the topic:

• Films, TV Films Based Directly on the Lerouxs Book. It is this section where you can find information about all major screen adaptations of The Phantom of the Opera.

• Movies and TV series inspired by Leroux's novel. All movies and episodes in the series that somehow cite The Phantom of the Opera.

• Cartoons / Cartoon's episodes inspired by Leroux's novel.

• Anime.

• People and Masks: Phantom-like movies. The films containing hints to a Phantom theme, similar elements. Films/episodes in the series where the characters mention The Phantom of the Opera. The stories that seem similar to The Phantom of the Opera.

• Non-fiction movies. Documentaries that somehow relate to the Grand Opera and The Phantom of the Opera mysteries.

• XXX Movies. Adult films. Section for the persons over 18 years only.

• Phantom on stage: official records.

• Video clips / TV shows / Other video.

• In project. Upcoming Films Announcements..

• Movies based on Leroux's other books.

Other Incarnations:

• Board games, computer games, role-playing and gambling games, construction kits.

• Dolls. Puppet Theatre.

• Exhibitions. Museums. Installations.

• Broadcasts.

• Figure skating.

• Film strip.

• The Phantom of the Opera in philately.

• Dolce Vita: Phantom Cakes.

• Phantom of the Opera in equestrian world.

• Phantom of the Opera advertising.

• Phantom Lair: room in the hotel.

• Phantom Tatoos.

• Phantom Pumpkins.

• Parties in Phantom of the Opera style.

• Miscellaneous: many other things that are not included in the sections.

Gaston Leroux is a section dedicated to the writers life and work:

• Gaston Leroux's biography.

• Gaston Leroux's full biography in three parts.

• Gaston Leroux's full bibliography and books published in Russia.

• How 'The Phantom of the Opera' was created.

• Gaston Leroux's other books. Readers comments.

• Movies based on Leroux's other books.

• Interview with Veronique Leroux, great granddaughter of the writer.

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra is a section dedicated to The Phantom of the Opera novel itself:

• History of the creation.

• The first publication in the Le Gaulois newspaper.

• The first translation into Spanish, La Ilustración artística newspaper.

• The lost chapter. The text of 'The Magic Envelope' chapter is presented for the first time. It is a chapter which was cut and not included in the final publication of the novel.

• Russian translations' catalogue. It contains information on all The Phantom of the Opera novel editions in Russian.

• Contrastive analysis of Russian translations. Six most popular Russian translations were compared.

• Interesting book variations: interactive books, opening books, electronic versions for iPad and iTunes, books for the blind printed in Braille script.

• Novel's illustrations: Russian, Korean, English etc.

• International book covers.

• Book covers: plagiarism. Here are collected the covers which use the world-famous mask as well as illustrations made for Lerouxs novel.

Erik is a section dedicated to the lead character of the novel:

• What's in my name? It's soulless. The name mystery and its famous owners.

• History and Geography. Eriks wanderings in the context of historical and geographical details. Interactive map and locations:
          • Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod Fair;
          • Persia. Mazandaran;
          • France. Rouen;
          • France. Perros-Guirec;
          • Paris: Madeleine Church;
          • Paris: Grand Opera.

• Who's that Erik? Rumors, guesses, fictions.

• Real prototypes of the character:
          • Joseph Carey Merrick;
          • Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin;
          • Erik Satie;
          • Hans Christian Andersen.

• Erik's masks. What type of mask did Erik wear?

• Torture Chamber. The page dedicated to the most Eriks nightmarish invention.

• Home, sweet home. Eriks underground Flat: planning, interiors, furniture.

• Paroles, paroles, paroles... The Phantom of the Opera in quotes.

• Sounds of Music. The music sounding in The Phantom of the Opera.

Real prototypes is a section dedicated to real people and events that formed the basis of the novel:

• Alfred Clark mystery.

• Fallen chandelier: real story.

• Mystery of underground lake.

• Box five: fact & fiction.

• Jenny Lind and Hans Christian Andersen: Erik and Christine almost.

• Christine Nilsson VS. Christine Daae.

• Possible Carlotta.

• De Chagny family secrets.

• Erik: facts, fictions and rumors.

• Robert-Houdin: King of Conjurers.

• Erik Satie.

• The Persian.

• Adelaïde Leuhusen: Mamma Valerius.

The Phantom of the Opera in Russia is a section incorporated all incarnations of The Phantom of the Opera in our country:

• Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical.

• Books / Published works. Both original books and publications in Russian and official translations of foreign books are collected here.

• Audio / Video. Reviews of video clips and audio interpretations.

• On stage. Full productions, concertednumbers, TV shows, mocks and many other things.

• Figure skating.

• Slide film.

• Role-playing games.

• Paris in Russia. Clubs, Cafes, Restaurants.

Opera is a section dedicated to the Paris Opéra:

• Grand Opéra: illustrated historical travel: a virtual tour over the building, a large number of illustrations, a compilation of disembodied information as well as rumors and gossips accompanying the theater.

• Grand Opéra: art, pictures, post cards.

• Architectures : L'Opéra Garnier: a documentary about the Grand Opera.

• Le Nouvel Opéra: Targhiss story about the book written by Charles Garnier.

• Alfred Clark mystery.

• Fallen chandelier: real story.

• Mystery of underground lake.

• Box five: fact & fiction.

• Grand Opera in collections.

• Music in Leroux's novel.

• Old Le Peletier Opera.

Articles: interviews, reviews, articles and essays.

Beauty and the Beast:

• Original fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

• Theme Tales Overview (from Apuleius to Gozzi, from La Fontaine to Aksakov).

• The Scarlet Flower: Aksakovs tale and its various film presentations.

• Books Based on: the books where the French fairy tale plot is played out.

Movies and series:

• La belle et la bête, Jean Cocteaus movie (1946).

• Panna a netvor, Czech movie (1978).

• Faerie Tale Theatre, a film with Susan Sarandon (1984).

• Series of 1987-1990.

• Czech Film.

• Beauty and the Beast with Estella Warren (2009).

• Die Schöne und das Biest with Cornelia Gröschel (2012).

• La belle et la bête with Vincent Cassel and Léa Seydoux (2014).

• La Bella y La Bestia with Aitor Luna and Michelle Jenner (2014).

• La Bella e La Bestia with Alessandro Preziosi and Blanca Suárez (2014).

• Beauty and the Beast with Dan Stevens and Emma Watson (2017).


• The Beauty and the Beast, Japan (1988).

• Beauty and the Beast, a Disney cartoon (1991).

• its sequel B&tB: The Enchanted Christmas (1997).

• Shrek.


• Takarazuka Theater Production.

• Computer game Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast.

• Computer game Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose.

• The Phantom of the Opera VS. Beauty and the Beast (Essay).

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