... the ghost legend soon swelled to enormous proportions among the corps de ballet. All the girls pretended to have met this supernatural being more or less often ... After all, who had seen him?

G. Leroux

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Since the first film release about The Phantom of the Opera it has been almost a hundred years. During this time, a lot of adaptations were made; the story was exploited ever more mercilessly. In this section you will find information about the movie, television or animated versions, the storyline of which in any way can be attributed to The Phantom of the Opera. Almost all movies are watched by me personally, and the decision to include this or that masterpiece in one of the following sections is accepted not on the basis of someone elses (sometimes dubious) words. Yours E. di V.

Motion pictures, TV movies

This section contains a collection of all movies that most explicitly tell the story of The Phantom of the Opera. A separate page is created for each movie with a lot of general information, interesting facts, useful links, story retellings, screenshot gallery and additional materials on the topic.

Movies and TV series inspired by Leroux's novel

This page contains the movies and series episodes in the storyline of which some elements or hints on the Phantom theme are used. It can be a sort of a triangle a man character a woman character someone in the basements wearing a mask, can be a Phantom game ... In general, all that anyway cites The Phantom of the Opera is collected here.

Cartoons / Cartoon's episodes inspired by Leroux's novel


The section presents a collection of animated movies, animated series episodes as well as anime that is the same Phantom of the Opera, but a painted one. You will find general information on the cartoons, interesting facts, useful inks, story retellings, screenshot gallery and additional materials on the topic.

People and Masks: Phantom-like movies

The movies containing hints to the Phantom theme, with similar elements; movies / series episodes where the characters mention the Phantom of the Opera; the stories that seem similar to The Phantom of the Opera. Here is the collection of those movies or series episodes which viewing creates a stable association with The Phantom of the Opera, even if their creators meant nothing of that.

Non-fiction movies

This section contains all non-fiction movies that somehow relate to the Grand Opera and The Phantom of the Opera mysteries.

XXX Movies

The adult movies have not also slurred over The Phantom of the Opera theme and issued the public a variety of performances, and some of them do somehow play on the familiar storyline. All materials presented on the site have been censored and do not contain obscene moments.

Phantom on stage: official records

Video clips / TVshow / Other video

In project

Movies based on Leroux's other books

It would be a mistake to think that out of all Leroux's books only The Phantom of the Opera has been successfully filmed. Im sure many of you have heard Wax Museum, The Perfume of the Lady in Black, The Mystery of the Yellow Room, Cheri - Bibi ... Read more about the movie adaptations in this section.