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1. Music from musicals:

Unfortunately, not many complete records of musicals are produced. All that we have in relation to the most performances are audio tracks and video fragments. They, though not to the extent as we wish it to be, give us an idea of musicals in general.


"Love Never Dies" / Andrew Lloyd Webber. 2010

Sequel to the Webber’s musical.
Here you will find:
- Music from the musical
- Several video clips released to advertise the future musical
- A few clips from various TV-shows where the songs from the musical were performed


"The Phantom of the Opera" / Andrew Lloyd Webber. 1986

The Webber’s musical performed by Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford.
Here you will find:
- Music from the musical
- A video commercial from the musical anniversary in London on 10/23/2010
- Clip - Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford (Music of the Night)
- Several video clips released to advertise the future musical in early 1986


"The Phantom of the Opera: A Musical Play" / Ken Hill. 1976/1984

Ken Hill wrote poems and put them to music by Offenbach, Verdi, Gounod, and Mozart. Each of the following tracks lasts only one minute, but gives a clear idea on both the separate aria and on the musical as a whole.


"The Phantom" / Arthur Kopit & Moury Yeston. 1991

Despite the fact that this musical appeared almost simultaneously with the Webber's musical, music and lyrics get a totally unique. Here you will find two video file of Phantom's arias.


"The Phantom of the Opera" / Tom Alonso & Michael Tilford. 1991

Here you will find several musical scenes.


"The Phantom of the Opera on Ice" / Robert Danova. 1995

A few videoclips.


"Das Phantom Der Oper" / Raschen & Gerhartz. 2006

Review on the soundtrack and the video advertisement of the performance of 2011.

2. Music from the movies:

It would be at least strange if in the movie dedicated to The Phantom of the Opera there were no music. Watch and listen!


The Phantom of the Opera (2004) / Dir. Joel Schumacher / Starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum.

Here you will find:
- Music from the movie
- A few tracks from the movie re-scoring (Spanish, French, Italian, German)
- A video clip No One Would Listen


The Phantom of the Opera (1990) / Dir. Tony Richardson / Starring Charles Dance, Teri Polo.

Movie Soundtrack.


Il Fantasma dell'Opera (1998) / Dir. Dario Argento / Starring Julian Sands, Asia Argento.

Movie Soundtrack.


The Phantom of the Opera (1989) / Dir. Dwight H. Little / Starring Robert Englund, Jill Schoelen.

1990 Phantom of the Opera OST with Englund 1989
Music by Misha Segal.


The Phantom of the Opera (1943) / Dir. Arthur Lubin / Starring Claude Rains, Susanna Foster.

Two musical tracks, the Radio Broadcast and movie trailer.


The Phantom of the Opera (1925) / Dir. Rupert Julian, Edward Sedgwick / Starring Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin.

Several tracks that accompanied the silent film and served as music.

3. Multimedia. The Phantom of the Opera in Russia

Here you will find various audio interpretations and video clips.
Both famous tunes (primarily, of course, the ones composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber) and original ones were taken as a basis.
They are rendered in Russian or by Russian stars.

4. Multimedia. Miscellaneous

Here you will find audio- and video materials that are not present in any musicals or movies
but somehow related to The Phantom of the Opera:
videos, covers, instrumentals and many other things.

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