FANTA... of the Opera

В октябре 2017 года всемирно известный производитель напитков "Coca-Cola" выпустил лимитированную серию напитков "Fanta" специально к Хэллоуину. Уже второй год подряд они выпускают подобные серии совместно с художником-дизайнером Noma Bar. В этом году они объединились со студией Universal, чтобы выпустить напитки с линейкой четырёх "монстров Юниверсал": Мумия (апельсиновая Фанта), Человек-Невидимка (виноградная Фанта), Невеста Франкенштейна (ананасовая Фанта) и Призрак Оперы версии 1943 года (клубничная Фанта). Так что теперь "Призрака Оперы" можно не только слушать и смотреть, но и пить.
P.S. А глаза у него — клубнички.

Fanta of the Opera Fanta of the Opera Fanta of the Opera Fanta of the Opera Fanta of the Opera

Бюст от "Dellamorte & Co."

Компания "Dellamorte & Co." специализируется на изготовлении статуэток, украшений и предметов интерьера в мрачном классическом, готическом или викторианском стиле. Как следует из названия, тематика их произведений связана со Смертью, иногда их продукцию используют для оформления похоронных обрядов и мест захоронений, но чаще — просто для оформления интерьера. Неудивительно, что Призрак Оперы, сам частенько сравнивавший свой облик со Смертью, попал в поле зрения дизайнеров компании. Бюст "Phantom of the Opera" можно приобрести в гипсовом варианте или в бронзе (стоит 50 долларов без учёта доставки).

Dellamorte Dellamorte Dellamorte Dellamorte
Dellamorte Dellamorte Dellamorte Dellamorte

Астра китайская "Призрак оперы"

Популярность мюзикла Уэббера "Призрак Оперы" приводит к тому, что производители разных товаров начинают использовать его символику в своих корыстных целях. Как, например, производители семян цветов, в частности, бренд "Биотехника". Вот такой сорт китайской астры из серии "Хризантелла" можно теперь купить в магазинах. Выращивайте Призрака Оперы у себя на грядках, господа!


Professional make-up

Definitely, many of us try to create Phantom make-up, and more often fans do it for cosplay or themed party like Halloween. We can’t keep every version of make-up — and it absolutely doesn't make sense. But there is one make-up we'd like to tell you about. Richard Redlefsen, professional make-up artist from Hollywood decided to reconstruct canonical Lon Chaney’s make-up from 1925 movie — but create it with modern tools and requirements of modern film industry.

@This makeup is an homage to two very influential makeups in my life. The 1925 Lon Chaney Phantom which has always been a iconic and a favourite makeup of mine. As well as, the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical version. [...] I wanted to do a more clinical and less theatrical version of it. This is what I came up with." — Richard Redlefsen.

Richard Redlefsen‘s demo at Monsterpalooza 2016 was of this Phantom of the Opera makeup on actor Chris Riggi.
Hair by Sasha Camacho.
Molds by Carl Lyon and Gwen Ramsey.
Teeth R&D and Casting by Carl Lyon.
Prosthetics Casting by Willy Daemon.
Wardrobe by Franco.
Contact lenses by Jessica Nelson and Sava Markovic.
Also included below is a 3D scan of this makeup done by Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown.
Photos by Russell Brown and Insung Hwang.

Phantom of the Opera make-up Phantom of the Opera make-up Phantom of the Opera make-up
Phantom of the Opera make-up Phantom of the Opera make-up Phantom of the Opera make-up Phantom of the Opera make-up



Ещё одна русская мастерица Елена Милославская делает на заказ клатчи в форме... книги. "Обложку" книги можно выбрать любую — как из коллекции, предлагаемой мастером, так и предложить свой дизайн. "Призрак Оперы" Гастона Леру представлен сразу в двух вариантах, можно также заказать клатч "Фантом" Сьюзан Кей или любое другое издание романа.

Клатч Призрак Оперы Клатч Призрак Оперы Клатч Призрак Оперы

Russian Nesting Dolls

Natalia Fontrebina, an artist known for her painting on wood and, in particular, several wonderful collections of nesting dolls - heroes of famous movies, has turned in her work to The Phantom of the Opera. One of her nesting doll collections is devoted to movie of 2004.

Matryoshka Matryoshka

Das Phantom der Oper Sculpture

Thomas Schöne, artist from Rettenbach am Auerberg municipality in Bavaria (Germany), is a very actual specialist of interior design and has versatile personality. He's well-known by his artworks (from oil-painting to comics), sculptures, optical illusions, marionettes, etc. One of his piece of art - mass-produced, by the way - is a bronze image of Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. 300 items (44 sm), made of traditional bronze and statuary bronze, are offered for sale on artist's site.

Thomas Schöne

Erotic bronze sculpture

Bronze sculpture again, and from Germany again, and is called Das Phantom der Oper...again! But here the similarity with previous showpiece stops. The fact is that this statue is erotic, I'd say porny. It was created by Don Alberto Carlos and demonstrates the Phantom and nude maiden (Christine probably) in his arms. The cloak of the Phantom is closed. When it's closed — everything is OK even modest. But if only he opens his cloak... we can see in every detail what this sweet pair do. Add to this point the size: 82x31 sm and 26 kg. And imagine how deeply enthusiastic collectioner should be to own this. But such collectioners can still be found: this statue was sold on ebay for 3.980 Euros!

Don Alberto Carlos Don Alberto Carlos Don Alberto Carlos Don Alberto Carlos

The rest of pictures (ADULTS ONLY! 18+ strictly!)

Designer mirrors collection

Modern artist and sculptor Helidon Xhixha presents very extravagant esthetic manner in art. He likes to transform literary characters into designer things. This time he created Phantom of the Opera and his muse Christine Daae as mirrors for Fiam Italia company.

Together with architects Dante Oscar Benini and Luca Gonzo he didn't shape fragile material in any particular shape, using glass to create sculptures made of light. Phantom and Christine mirrors personify tragedy of suffering soul, devoted to music and love, being in constant esthetic tension, which is common for modern art problematics.

Christine mirrors:

Christine Mirror Christine Mirror Christine Mirror Christine Mirror

Phantom mirrors:

Phantom Mirror Phantom Mirror Phantom Mirror
Phantom Mirror Phantom Mirror Phantom Mirror

A Snow Globe at the Piccadilly Circus

In December of 2013 in order to protect the Eros sculpture in London’s Piccadilly Circus from the vandals a huge inflatable 'snow globe' was erected. Over 120 years the sculpture making a list of the Historical Heritage had been repeatedly attacked and it is believed that it is particularly exposed to the risk of a drunken attack on the Christmas Eve.
The Westminster Council earlier defended it during the festive period covering by billboards, but now, since 2012, it was decided to erect a 12-meter transparent globe to protect the statue and the bronze fountain for such a period. Of course, at the base of a 'snow globe' an advertisement is lit... Guess which one?


T-shirst and handbags with Leroux's novel prints

The American company Litographs came up to produce a fairly original products: they make T-shirts, handbags and posters, which patterns are based on the text of ... your favorite books! Basically, they offer classical authors: Jules Verne, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Emily Bronte and many others (now they have in stock more than 100 book titles). You can choose one of three types of souvenirs:
- T-shirts (available in different sizes, text color: burgundy, black, dark blue, sand, brown, purple);
- Handbags (text color burgundy and black);
- Posters (available in three sizes, six colors).

Patterns are made up of text, depending on the novel. Here is the product for fans of Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux:

Litographs Litographs Litographs Litographs Litographs Litographs Litographs Litographs Litographs

To order items please visit the company's website.

Similar service offers another firm — postertext.com. But their Phantom of the Opera assortment is quite poor. They print one poster in two color sets. For design they use first 15 chapters of Gaston Leroux' novel.

Litographs Litographs Litographs
Litographs Litographs

Angel of Music by Haenuli

Haenuli is a famous Korean brand specialized in street fashion for girls who want to highlight their personality and creativity. Brand's shop is called The Lolita Fashion Shop. In 2014 they produced a collection called Angel of Music, based on Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical. Collection includes:
- skirt;
- sarafan;
- dress;
- accessories (headwears, tights, knee socks, bijouterie).
All items are made in two colour palettes: white and black. At the moment all items are sold out on official site, but you can find them in Internet auctions on 2-3 hundred dollars.

Haenuli Haenuli
Haenuli Haenuli Haenuli

Haenuli Haenuli

Haenuli Haenuli
Haenuli Haenuli

Haenuli Haenuli
Haenuli Haenuli

Haenuli Haenuli
Haenuli Haenuli Haenuli

'Dress the Phantom' online game

Pretty simple, but nice flash game that you can play online. It offers you to help your beloved Phantom of the Opera to find a suitable wardrobe. Clothing selection is not particularly wide, but the process is quite fascinating and can take a long time.

You can play the game here.

Game Game Game Game Game

A sheep named The Phantom

This lovely sheep was named The Phantom, and you may guess why. Just look at its face! It was born in February 2015 at Paul Phillips' farm (Kimbolton, Herefordshire, England). Picture by Henry Nichols.

Sheep The Phantom

And it's not the first herbivorous animal Phantom. On May 2007 photographer Dave Hamster uploaded via Flickr his picture of a similar sheep with the Phantom of the Opera tag.

Sheep The Phantom

Big Pig Gig: Phantom of the Slopera

Unusual event occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States in 2000. In 19th century Cincinnati was the center of meat packing industry and and the city's nickname was Porkopolis (the city of pigs). To recall this glory days officials decided to display the pig statues around the city. The Big Pig Gig public art exhibit inspired more than 50 schools, as a result, the project attracted 425 entries. Hundreds full-sized fiberglass pigs were installed downtown, while others were stationed in Newport and Covington, Kentucky. Exhibition continued half of the year, and later a number of those statues were sold on eBay for charity, and others decorated airport, hotels and other buildings in Cincinnati. In 2012 organizers repeated this event, but in smaller form, with only 100 sculptures.

Our attention was attracted by one of pigs from Broadway series. Sculpture named Phantom of the Slopera was created by artist Lisa Molyneaux.

Phantom of the Slopera Phantom of the Slopera Phantom of the Slopera

Neopets Cards

The Phantom

Copyright 2000-2005 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sitting in an abandoned chapel, the Phantom is waiting for his lost love, Riyella, who left him at the altar many years ago. Every day he plays the same tune, waiting for her, but she’ll never come back ... (Caption to the card. Click to view in a larger size).

Riyella, a Phantom’s lady-love, could not overcome the horror that she experienced when she saw what was behind the mask and gave up the Phantom at the altar ... (Caption to the card. Click to view in a larger size).

Neopets are virtual pets like Tamagotchi toys. They need food, entertainment, communication. Neopets vary by types. Visually, they are hybrids of different animals made in a cartoon manner. In addition to parenting a pet on the site it is possible to collect cards with images of neopets. Neopets portraits in interior involved a variety of activities are drawn on the cards. Recently, two images of The Phantom and Riyella were found among the cards. Both of these characters belong to the Chia type.

Official Site

Timer PhanTim3

Programming: Andrew Lauritzen
Design / Development of shells: Brenda Lauritzen
Web Design / Programming: Amy Lauritzen
CPU: Pentium class computer or equivalent required
Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP required
Installation: Requires 2MB hard disk space

This basic timer counts how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left until some memorable user event. The Phantom alike skins are made for a single purpose and can be downloaded in the Download section.

Here is a timer with one version of skins.
Program Website

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