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The human imagination is boundless. Desire to surround yourself with the things
somehow recalling your favorite hobby sometimes takes bizarre forms.
These are miracles of ingenuity.

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Board games, computer games, role-playing games etc.

While playing the child learns the world. Not accidentally experienced psychologists offer to play on any situation to deal with it. The link goes to the games we play. Computer games have screenshots, desktop and other games are with illustrations.

Dolls. Puppet Theatre

As a child we all played with dolls. Someone sewed clothes for their Barbie, someone put a teddy bear into the bed... Growing up some of us have not lost the love for these strange creatures so reminiscent of (or in contrast having nothing in common with) ourselves. The link goes to the dolls (something from the extensive collection) as well as everything connected with dolls.

Exhibitions. Museums. Installations.

The Phantom of the Opera is a character that has firmly taken its place alongside other cultural phenomena. In his youth he was exposed as a public spectacle, to the meanest of the people, but in later years he voluntarily imprisoned himself in the cellars of the Opera in order to drop out of peoples sight. However, decades later, he anyhow became a museum exhibit, with hundreds of visitors having the opportunity to examine it carefully. Here is a collection of exhibitions, installations, museum expositions one way or another connected with the Phantom of the Opera.


Before television settled in every house there was a radio. And not only the news and weather forecasts were broadcasted on the radio. For a long time radio series had been popular. It is a so-called 'radio theater' when actors gathered in the studio and acted out scenes naturally in front of a microphone. Or just read the text, to the best of the talent. For a long time these series had not been just popular, but extremely popular. Not for nothing they still have fans. Surprisingly, but The Phantom of the Opera has not been set aside by such a 'RadioMania'.

Phantom of the Opera on Ice

Figure skating

Each program which skaters perform at the competition or in the show is a small finished number which has its own idea with appropriate music, costumes and choreography. Follow the link and you will find a list of skaters who turned to The Phantom of the Opera theme, their photos in characters and brief information about the skaters and their programs.


Slide film

The first in Russia and in the world The Phantom of the Opera slide film. It was made on the Lerouxs book under the motto That Phantom of the Opera Which you Wanted to Watch. Making Pictures Group that accounts for such artistic achievements as Notre Dame de Paris, the Arabian Tales, Terry Pratchetts novels slide films has decided to make a gift to all phantom addicts secretly dreaming of a happy ending for Erik. So the slide film became a vivid illustration of many fanfics.


The Phantom of the Opera in philately

Philatelists have not left out The Phantom of the Opera theme in the cold, too. We were lucky to find out not too many stamps related to the topic so far, but every year the postage stamps continue to be issued, so we and the Phantom have the world before us.


Dolce Vita: Phantom Cakes

The Phantom of the Opera fans can be found everywhere, including among confectioners. Their experience, imagination and culinary abilities they invest in creating confectioneries somehow revealing the topic. Watch and admire!


Phantom of the Opera in equestrian world

The Phantom of the Opera theme is very popular, so it is not surprising that it can be found in many areas of peoples lives, including in sports. And, more precisely, in equestrian world. We did not take it to our heads to collect all information about The Phantom of the Opera usage in different competitions, but a couple of such events will be presented to you.


Phantom of the Opera advertising

Over the years, the Phantom of the Opera has become a very recognizable and popular brand. And what is done with brands? Thats right, they are traded. Or they are used to promote the trade. The Phantom has not escaped this fate, and now it has to advertise one day coffee and another day household appliances...

Phantom Lair

Phantom Lair: room in the hotel

Lions Gate Manor Hotel located in Lava Hot Springs (Idaho, USA) offers its guests an unusual hotel suite. This luxury double suite is entitled precisely the Phantoms Lair. A three-room suite includes a bathroom, the design of which is in the form of an underground lake (from where a spiritual stairs goes up, and the Phantoms portrait can be seen on the wall), a bedroom and a theater living room decorated with golden curtains. There is a full-length mirror in the living room just the one from which the Phantom gave singing lessons to Christine. And if you work at it hard enough you can see the very Phantom behind the mirror ... And thats not all the surprises that the mysterious lair conceals. Learn more about the suit and the hotel, see photos.

Phantom Tatoo

Phantom Tatoos

The fans have many things to do to express their devotion to a favorite topic! The one massively collects souvenirs and dolls; the other decorates his room and the house turning them into a kind of museum dedicated to The Phantom of the Opera. Some stick familiar symbols on their cars ... And there are those who have decided to immortalize their favorite hero on their own body and to get a tattoo. No one can count the tattoos types based on the Phantom of the Opera. Someone orders symbols from the Webbers musical - a rose mask, someone puts the very Phantom performed by Lon Chaney or Gerard Butler, and someone reminds the movie Phantom of the Paradise by Brian De Palma. Complexity of the works varies, too, from the most simple to the real works of art. Among the tattoos the works of the fan artists famous in the Phantom-of-the-Opera-circles can be easily recognized.

Phantom Pumpkin

Phantom Pumpkins for Halloween

Bright Halloween is a creativity paradise for the true fans of The Phantom of the Opera - and not just of it. On this day many people craft and put on a favorite costume and a half-mask, and someone tries on a Christine dress... There are other creative personalities - they turn to the holiday symbol, a large orange pumpkin. The most popular pattern for carving a pumpkin is, of course, a Phantom mask (often with rose), but some people complicate the work by diligently carving favorite actors: Lon Chaney, Gerard Butler, John Cudia and Michael Crawford. Many of such works is done by amateur enthusiasts, but there are also some pumpkins carved by professional artists for various competitions. They are an original artwork.

Phantom Party

Parties in Phantom of the Opera style

People often choose a particular theme when making one or another party, whether a Christmas, wedding, engagement or birthday party. Sometimes it happens that The Phantom of the Opera is the chosen theme. All ideas for such parties are gathered on one page.



The Phantom of the Opera theme is common in the design of the most common things that surround us in everyday life. We can see the symbols of the musical or the movies on buses, buildings, household articles; someone makes symbolic souvenirs, and etc. All such references are collected in a separate section.

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