• Why dont some sections work?

Apparently, because the section information is in the pipeline.

• Why doesnt sometimes forum work? I created an account there, but I have no access! Forgot password / username / cannot log in.

Ruhelp platform the forum is based on sometimes undergoes technical works, it is a normal workflow. We for our part do not close or break the forum, so any problems with it are beyond our control, unfortunately. On all technical issues relating directly to the forum itself, please contact the forum administrator via PM system (private messages).

• Oh, I have my fics / drawings / collages / clips! Can I send them to you?

You can send your works via e-mail. In order to get feedback from readers / viewers as quickly as possible, just post your works in the appropriate section of our forum.

• Please! Where can I get a bootleg of Webbers musical?

The site creators are not involved in bootlegs distribution. We do not have any information on where to find / download / buy bootlegs.

• Youve got wrong information here. Now, whatever did you give that idea?

All information published the site, except art, essays and reviews that is the fruit of authors imagination, is taken from books, magazines and multimedia objects as well as web pages. If you notice an error made by us, please contact us indicating the source of correct and accurate information. Allegations will not be considered.

• Why the source of information isnt sometimes indicated?

When making pages we try to identify the source of information, for example, official websites, the output of the book or the person kindly gave us the information. Where the information source is not specified, it is understood that this is a personal opinion of the site authors or creatively revised information taken from public sources. We respect the rights of the information holders. It should be borne in mind that our project has been created solely for non-commercial purposes. If you think your rights have been violated, we apologize and ready to rectify the error.

• Dear creators, who are you, where are you from, how old are you?

This information does not apply to The Phantom of the Opera. Any questions about the privacy of creators please address us personally via e-mail or forum. But our reply is far from certain, it is still our privacy.

• Can I help you with something, though I do not know how to do..?

Certainly. Extra hands are never odd, and if you do not know how well teach you. Please, contact us by e-mail.

• I want to express my delight / dissatisfaction with your site. Where I can do that?

In guestbook, forum or via e-mail.

• But I have another question ...

Forum, guestbook and e-mail are available for you.

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