Not all of us believe in the existence of phantoms, but by the power of his art Gaston Leroux assures that at least one Phantom whose name has been Erik has not only existed but also loved and suffered...

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G. Lerouxs followers

Desire to know what happened after the author put an end to his novel makes us read fan fiction. And someone takes up his pen in hand and begins to write. And someone even publishes his/her creations. Just a fraction of the works published on The Phantom of the Opera theme is facing us.

Gaston Leroux's novel: sequels, prequels, spin-offs

Susan Kay, Sam Siciliano, Carrie Hernandez and other authors tried to interpret Lerouxs storyline in their own way, fill gaps, and finish their finals. For better or worse it turns out, they shall be respected just because they have challenged Gaston Leroux, the author of the canon.

Books inspired by Leroux's novel / Books with similar storyline

The authors of these books used The Phantom of the Opera storyline to create their own original works.

Children books, adaptations

The storylines of classic stories are often simplified, especially for children; books are supplied with lots of illustrations, for better perception. The authors are very reticent on how much the adapted book loses compared to the original.

Comics / Manga / Manhwa

Western comics, Japanese manga and Korean manhwa have much in common but also lots of differences and peculiarities. The Phantom of the Opera story is told and illustrated by each of the authorsin his/her own way; someone holds the classical interpretation while the characters of the other are scarcely recognizable. Nevertheless, each of the books presented in the section deserves special attention.

Non-fiction books / Biography

So-called non-fiction literature. Research on the fandom of The Phantom of the Opera, Lerouxs and Garniers biographies, etc. Serious topics that may be explained as much fascinating as belles-lettres.

Books: possible prototypes

The stories that could serve as the basis for the Gaston Lerouxs novel, The Phantom of the Opera, are collected here as they were written before 1909 that is the year of the stories publication about Erik.

Chicklits, Love Stories

The female sentimental novel adheres the canons: it shall have a romantic story about love, relationships of the characters, light erotic scenes, one (maximum two) intrigue and a happy ending. The authors of the following books of this genre borrowed from The Phantom of the Opera only some of the attributes: mask, mystery and self-sacrificing love. They decided to give their own happiness to main characters of the well-known story.

Plays & scripts

This section presents dramatic works based on The Phantom of the Opera. It can be plays which stage adaptation made a lot of noise, or modest shows in amateur theater, or those which have not been staged yet.


The dream of every phantom-fan is to explore the favorite topic in the classroom instead of boring works from the textbook. Dreams come true and now The Phantom of the Opera is officially included in the school curriculum.

Audio books

In general, the genre of "reading aloud" was used to be quite popular. Lets recall radio plays, plates with favorite fairy tales. If for some reason you cannot read the book but there is time to listen how it is read by others then the audiobook is irreplaceable.

Beauty and the Beast

Here is the collection of stories based on the fairy tale The Beauty and the Beast. Retold in a new way, new, chilling details, high and very high rating, and off-stage world of fairy tales all you will find on the pages of the books presented here.

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