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12/31/2013 - 01/01/2014
Dear dear friends!!! Happy New Year to everyone! Let your wishes come true!

Today we celebrate New Year Eve with Married... with Children! Popular sitcom that was on air for 10 years! S9E21, Something Larry This Way Comes: how Larry saves the play.

And very light Phantom appearance in Jackie Chan Adventures, just for fun before New Year: I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet!

So, as we promised, Masquerade ball in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk University given by university administration is on the special page now and with lots of pictures and video! Please notice that huge chandelier and half-mask!

Also we added new item to our list of plays. It's Frankenstein's Guests by Martin Downing (1988), very strange, but with Phantom anyway. By the way, we updated the page about theatrical production of that play. Now with pictures!

Dear friends! In Russia there New Year holidays are starting, and now we make plans what to do, where to go and how to kill the time. We suggest you to spend this time here with us and the Phantom!

Gambling games! You can't beat it! We added more games to the page and more pictures and videos!

And icing on the cake is... Le Fantôme de l'Opéra board game, published this year. Produced by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc, it invites gamers to solve the case of La Carlotta. Complex rules and interesting plot will make evening for two unforgettable!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today's traditional Beauty and the Beast update. This warm and very Christmas fairy-tale, as you may know, was used as the background to the Phantom of the Opera.

So we present you three retellings of the French tale by three very different authors.

Beauty by Robin McKinley is 30+ years old book which had already become the classic. It's very slow and comprehensive retelling, with lots of description of furniture and dresses. You can find more information about the author and the story on the special page.

Belle by Cameron Dokey is the retelling of Beauty's story, as we think. It has a lot of things in common. The main difference is in the Beast background and also this main character appeares in the last third part of the book. You can find more information about the author and the story on the special page.

And the last but not the least book is Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane. Please notice it's Nc-17 raiting and homosexual context. Beside that we've got some interesting plot twists and unusual magic curse. You can find more information about the author and the story on the special page.

Two days ago there was masquerade ball in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk University given by university administration. It's annial special themed event, and this year the ball is based on the Phantom of the Opera story. The page with more info and pictures is on the way, but now you can enjoy some pictures made by our special correspondent.

Also enjoy the very funny commercial, where our Phantom goes to buy... condoms! More info is here.

Today let's go back to Las Vegas with its spectacular show. We added new facts and pictures, for example, information about the Phantom project, which had to transform Venetian into Garnier's Opera house with its own liar and lake! Gallery is extended with new video clip.

Second, we added personal pages to two understady: Michael Lackey and Ted Keegan.

Also we added new cover with famous mask to our page with plagiarism.

Dears, today's epic Friday the 13th! And 13/12/13! So let's watch something thematic.

'Erik: Portrait of a Living Corpse', an amateur movie made by Ryan Bijan. It's very specific and very amateur, beleive me. Low budget, too modern sets and costumes, Leroux's and Webber's stories combined. But still. It's really interesting Phantom-thing. Give it a chance! Special page with facts, cast&crew and synopsis.


13/12/11 is very beautiful date, so let's selebrate it with tiny, but beautiful update.

It's 2012's The Raven starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe. Frankly speaking, it has not so many relations with Phantom story, but detailes!.. Those little things, which make the picture bigger and deeper. It's masquerade ball, and the tunnels under the city, and cloacked murderer... Please, visit the special page to get more information and screenshots.

Today we've got a couple of funny stories for you.

First, we're watching cartoon about Dino Babies. Tantrum of the Opera presents you the most incredible unmasking scene ever!

Second, we're reading the book, it's Three Days by Melissa Maranto. Christine wants to return to her Angel of Music... or does the autor want? How she felt for Phantom in three days, you can find it on the special page!

Two computer games are added to our computer game list: 'Living Legends: Ice Rose' и 'King of Opera'. Full info and screencaps can be found on the special page.

Also we added one more film to our Phantom-like movie list. It's Czechoslovakian screen version of Jules Verne's "The Carpathian Castle" novel. Information and screenshots are on the special page.

Future musical in Moscow has now its own page with all updates and gossips. Please welcome!

Great news!

Pete Bregman, The Trap-Door Maker author, is working to produce 3D cartoon based on his story! Clockwork VFX and talented Iranian artist Soheil are helping him to bring this project to life! Right now they are working on two-minute trailer!

We added 2 new audiobooks to our list of Russian translation of the Leroux's novel. There is a brand new translation for the first book, and the second book uses... translation of 1911!

Updates on the Filippines page! Now we've got 2 different galleries with 100+ new pictures, also we discovered one more Phantom in Manila and later in Seoul. It's Paul Whiteley, both Phantom and Pasarino (and Don Atilio too!).

28 of November new Hamburg production remiered in Neue Flora Theatre. Alas, 2 days of running, and we've got very negative reaction of public... Wait for more news and more stories. Stay tuned!

Also 29 of November in Providence Performing Arts Center during the Phantom of the Opera (national tour one of first nights) people were evacuated because of strong smell and fire emergency.

More about world tour! Singapore this time. Here the musical stoped 3 times: 1995, 2007 and 2013. Special page with information about all productions, casts, interesting facts is for you. Also we created picture galleries: with designes and costumes and with stage photos.

Phantoms in Singapore are: Peter Karrie, Brad Little and Ian Jon Bourg.

More news! Today new national tour starts in the USA, Providence, RI till December 7, and then it moves to Minneapolis. Cast: Mark Campbell as the Phantom, Julia Udine as Christine and Ben Jacoby as Raoul.

And non-ALW musical news. Japan welcomes Ken Hill's musical in Tokyo running 19-29 December 2013 and Osaka running 3-5 January 2014. Peter Straker will return to the role of The Phantom.

World tour takes a short break after Singapore. Next stop is in December. Shanghai, China this time. And after that we'll see the musical again in Korea! Deagu, where the musical was performed in 2010/1011, will welcome once again Brad Little as the Phantom. Please check news and photos at the special Korean page, and at the pages of Korean Phantoms. Also we added news to Brad Little's and Ian Jon Bourg's personal pages.

Come back later, we're working under Singapore page.

Also we've added to our page with exhibitions, museums and installations the new page about Bloomingdale's Holiday Windows in 2004.

We're back! And ready to amaze you! Take your seats and enjoy!

New book is added to our page with novels, inspired by Leroux's novel. Relic by Roy Hudson, a modern twist about terribly injured actor from horror movies. Really worth reading!

New book is added to our page with illustrated novel. It's Spanish edition with black and white gorgeous pictures.

And the last but not the least: Greg Hildebrandt's works with fresh and interesting information. You can see a lot of pictures on the special page.

Truly amazing day for all Russian phantomfans! Stage Entertainment announced an hour ago, that next year there will BE Phantom musical in Russia! *Fanfare*

We waited for so long! We wanted to beleive! And so, 27 years after London opening night... it's going to be Moscow opening night!


Dear Phantom fellow fans!

Congratulations to our beloved Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera musical! 27 years we enjoy its beautiful costumes, poetry, melody, we've been seeing so many good actors, and we are glad, it's a part of our history and life! we wish the musical all the best!

Today's the 104th Birthday of Gaston Leroux' masterpiece! Le Fantome de l'Opera started as a newspaper continuing novel in 1909, September 23. Nobody knew it would get worldwide success. Congratulations to all of us, proud phantomfans!

07/20/2013 - 10/25/2013
We are really sorry to freeze our work at site from July 20. Our The Phantom of the Opera team is taking part in multi phantom writing competition among 200+ other teams. We're doing our best to present our fandom as well as our writers and artists. Soon we'll be ready to continue our work here!

Not so long ago we came back from our French voyage. We were in Grand Opera, walked down to the cellars, went upstears to the roof, and, of course, we watched performance from box five.

Today we're telling you about box five and Phantom's mystery. All mythes are exploded, all facts are revealed. Do you dare to look at the special page to see Box Five's Fact & Fiction?

Today we present you the very special DVD. The Phantom of the Opera: Unmasking the masterpiece is made as homage to Lon Chaney Sr. and his briliant role as the Phantom of the Opera. It consist of rare footage, interviews and detales, all about the Phantom's story in many its incarnations. Carla Laemmle, Ron Chaney and Hugh Panaro tell us about their Phantoms. It's a must-watch for everyone who loves old good classic movies. This DVD is presented by The Witch's Dungeon and Cortland Hull. At the special page you will find info & pictures.

Also we'll tell you today about another play. This time it's written by J. R. Simmons and is a little bit better than the last one. At the special page you'll find all additional info & synopsis.

Dear Phantom fans!

We've just came back from France and now we're ready to shine again. We will tell you about Gaston Leroux' life in Nice, his heritage and mysteries of the fifth loge.

And now we will tell you about the first Russian exhibition where we presented our Phantom of the Opera fandom. Detailes, exhibition programme, and pictures are on the special page.

Some more pages about Phantom's Far East voyage.

As we told you, May 7 Bangkok Phantom of the Opera musical premiered. And May 9, in the Victory Day, there was gala performance, visited by Thai celebrity and stars. Pictures from gala and red carpet are on the special gallery page.

Couple weeks before, International Film Festival started in Beijing. April 23 was closing night, and Sarah Brightman ft. Erkan Aki sang famous Phantom of the Opera duet. How it was with pictures and video, we're trelling on the special page.

And in 2012, TV broadcasted Thailand's Got Talent, where sweet Thai girl sang two famous songs during her audition. How it was related to the Phantom of the Opera, let's watch on the special page.

Dear guests!

Today' very important holiday, Victory Day. To remember, that's the least we can do for our family.

Now we present you two more Phantoms. Ian Jon Bourg, one of those Phantoms, who are left in shadow. But his career is so impressive, we can't help but respect him dearly. His personal page on our site is here.

And another Phantom: Chris Crowe from New Zealand. Data and pictures are on the special page.

As we know, Love Never Dies musical was finished recently in Denmark. May 5 annual Reumert Award ceremony was in Copenhagen. It's one of the most prestigious award in Denmark. So LND won "The best musical 2013". Det Ny Teater director Niels-Bo Valbro took the prize.

Dear Phantom lovers! Yesturday Gaston Leroux, proud Phantom father, had his 145th birthday! Without him we wouldn't create this site. Congratulate all of us with Leroux's anniversary!

Today in Bangkok the next world tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera show started! It's the first time the musical is coming to Thailand! It will closed June 9. More info, cast&crew and video can be found on the special page. Pictures are in special Thailand gallery page.

Thai love musicals and sing songs from them frequently. In 2012 Musical Time Concert was performed, ft. Phantom of the Opera. Pictures, video and info are on the special page.

Dear friends! Today is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ: Easter Day! This date is according to Eastern calendar of church festivales and holidays.

Today we present one more Korean book for children. Author of adaptation and illustrator did their black deed, and now Korean schoolchildren have to read... this.

You can see pictures (if you dare!) and read about the book on the special page.

International Workers' Day! The Day of Spring and Labour, as Russians call it!

Let's read! Gaston Leroux's Phantom Of The Opera is a play by Chris Cook. It's very difficult to say if it's a good one or bad one. Try yourself. Full book info, extend synopsis are at your service on the special page.

Positive news!

Yesterday ‘Phantom of the Opera’ celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Japan! More information is coming soon on the special page.

World tour, after Seoul it's coming to Thailand, 05/07 - 06/09, and then it's going to Singapore for a short stay from 07/16 till 08/11. Then it's supposed to fly to China. Detailes are coming soon! Keep in touch!

And sad news.

04/28 was last Hugh Panaro's performance as the Phantom before his holidays. Peter Joback (who wears Phantom mask in London some time ago) is now replacing Panaro in this title role, until 08/24.

Anna O'byrne, current Christine in London, is leaving the show for another Cameron Mackintosh project, Barnum, to title the Jenni Lind role from 07/15 till 08/31. It is not announced yet, if she's coming back to Phantom of the Opera after Barnum.

Today let's read contemporary retelling pf the Phantom of the Opera story (18+). Erika, the so-called "office plankton", met online misterious masked Phantom. Together they spend their spare time making music and love. But later Erika must figure out who her Phantom is and what he wants. Meet Erika and her Phantom in Phantom Touch by Cindy Jacks with more info and synopsis.

For our guests younger than 18, we are pleased to tell the story of Ponyville and funny multicoloured little ponies. Yes, they met Phantom as well. How it happened, we'll tell you on the special page.

Yesturday Olivier Awards found their nomenees. Phantom of the Opera was nominated in BBC Radio 2 Audience Award, along with Wicked, Mathilda and Billy Elliot, who, finally, won. Sofia Escobar and Marcus Lovett presented the musical and sang main aria. Please, visit our special page for detailes, pictures and video!

Love Never Dies in Copenhagen is over now. Today's the last day of show, and we updated Denmark special page, added some new pictures, videos and handbill. In the beginning of 2014 Love Never Dies is coming to Great Britain in tour. News are coming soon!

Also we restructured Video clips / TVshow / Other video page. And now you can sort almost 100 videos by name, year, type and country (25 so far!).

Again let's take a look at our bookshelves.

Today we're reading Phantom's Lullaby by Lauren Coker. It's her first published work, and I hope, her next book is better then this. It has some potential, really. But it's so weak and naive!.. It tells us the story of Devil's Child, who became soon the Phantom of the Opera, met OFC and funally got his piece of happiness.

And also today we're listening to the folk instruments orchestra with it's very special variation of ALW's masterpiece. More information is on the special page.

Our journey to the book word continues. Today we'll tell you about the most fresh book of book market. It's Ms. A. Rockwell-Roman's Dies Irae, published March 28. As usual, synopsis and book details are on the special page.

Today's the very special holiday. It's a day, when a man got over Earth's gravity and started exploring space freedom. And the special pride for us is that the first astronaut (cosmonaut in Russian language) was Russian: Yuri Gagarin.

In honor of this man, we celebrate this day with two pages about Russian actors and singers. Ivan Ozhogin, who became very popular after his portrait of Graf von Krolock in Russian version (staged in St. Petersburg) of Tanz der Vampire. It's interesting, that Ozhogin become the first Russian actor to get cast in the original German language production, replaced Thomas Brochert (who, as we remember, playd Phantom also) on February 8th, 2013.

The second Russian for today is Alexander Trofimov, soloist of Academy of young operatic singers of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.

They both sang arias from The Phantom of the Opera, and now we suggest to check out their abilities on special pages.

Today we're in a mood for good reading.

We've just finished a very special book: Leroux's novel with English translation, illustrated by Rachel Perkins and with introduction and comments by Isabel Roche. Ms. Roshe is PH.D in French literature, and she knows the Phantom of the Opera novel quite well. For more information, pictures and detales try the special page.

And for children we prepared the page with review and pretty illustrations of Bantam of the Opera.

Phantom of the Opera's coming to Wellington, New Zealand - at last!

Lloyd Webber's musical was in Auckland once, as Australian tour, but never it was to the capital of Kiwi Land. You can find all detailes on the special page! Dates, cast&crew, pictures and video are at your pleasure!

Today, 4th day of 4th month, let's think of young adult auditiorium.

We're watching animated series Super Models, where supermodels shows us their special abilities. And, alas, there is the Phantom too. Take a look at the special page with information, synopsis and pictures!

Also we're reading books. In 9 Days and 9 Days and Counting can be combined together, 'cause they're both deal with young Tessa, who felt for her new classmate. In the second book she also took part in Phantom of the Opera musical. And, as Christine, she had to make her choice: handsome friend or ugly duckling. Guess, who's her number one. And check it on the special page with information and synopsises. Be sure, you're 18+, because of explicit book content.

Today's great Lon Chaney's 130th Birthday. As an old tradition, we'd like to present you today's updates, dedicated to the Man of Thousand Faces!

Funny and sweet Growing Up With Monsters book is or you tiday. It was written by Carla Laemmle, Carl Laemmle's niece. It's short and with rhymes! With cool pictures and rare footage.

And we also updated page with The Phantom Unmasked, it's documentary with rare footage and interviws with people, who helpet to make Phantom movies.

Today we present you stuff to spend your Friday night.

It's a book. Beastly: Lindy's Diary, it's Alex Flinn's Beastly spin off. Remember that book and movie? Well, it's time now to look at the story from Beast great love's point of view. It could be an awwwww book, but... What happened with it, please read on the special page.

...And it's a movie. Modern Family with "A Slight at the Opera". Yes, they did Phantom! How it was - read on the special page.

Today's World Theatre Day, so we congratulate everyone who's in love with theatre (or at least with theatre employee)!

Speaking of different reality shows, we can't avoid this one.

Vietnamese version of Just the Two of Us, called Cặp đôi hoàn hảo (Perfect Couple) welcomed Phantom arias twice in one week! And they translated English lyrics into Vietnamese! Bodybilder and his singing lady sang the main aria, and male model with his singing lady sand All I Ask of You, but... Every detail of this show, as well as pics and videos, you can find on the special page. Enjoy!

Fresh Phantom appearance!

Inner Circle show in Hilton hotel took place 03/23, where New York Mayor Michaek Booimberg demonstrated his sparkling sense of humor. Wearing cloak and fedora, he tried to replace Phantom himself! Well, what happened and whow it happened, we'll tell you on the special page with pics&video.

03/24 Russian version of 'The X Factor' knocked us back on our heels with so-called Rim singing Phantom aria. How it was and what happened next, try to find out on the special page.

Commercial Real Estate Award, back in 2011, happened to make Phantom parody, so we picked it up and made the special page for it too.

Today's great Phantom-fan day! Andrew Lloyd Webber celebrates his 65th B'Day! Congratulations! We wish our dear Phantom's father all the best!

And as a gift to all of you, musical-lovers, we prepared a page with a list of covers made by Viktor Bogachenko and his ladies!

Do you like listening to the chills in the night? Would you like to hear a couple more?

Characters from "Are You Afraid of the Dark" will tell you a story about strange mutant, who loved classic music, young violinist, who loved classic music too, and her boyfriend who hated classic music. The Tale of the Last Dance: additional info, synopsis and pics, just for you.

One more night story. Bettina Spankenhaus, British actress will show you her Phantom of the Opera spicy burlesque show, high rated and very... inspired.

So are you afraid of the dark?

Children updates continue!

Kappa Mikey, animated series, almost anime, created by Photoshop gurus. Phantom of Soundstage is an illustration of fanfiction idea of what Phantom covers with his mask. More info and lots of pics is on the special page.

'Phantoms Don't Drive Sport Cars' is an Young Adult book, sweet and enjoyable. Please find more on the special page.

Cartoons! Who doesn't like cartoons?

Do you know who Snorks are? Well, those are multi-coloured creatures, cheerful and living under the sea. They adopted lots of human technologies, such as money and theatre. Summer and Snork is a story about snork who wanted to be a star, so he became the Phantom of Snork theatre.

Mask: animated series, with Stanley the Mask, stalking the show in Broadway Malady, trying to stop monkey dancing.

Friday is almost weekend, so we can go for a dancing!

Playlist opens with Croatia cover. Very dark and atmospheric video, with Phantom in mist and Christine in forest. Detailes about the group and this cover, as well as pictures and video, you can find on the special page.

Also we added new TV show to our large list. It's replica of British Dancing with Stars project, made in the Ukraine. Russian actress and Ukrainian dancer performed their dance about Phantom and Christine, with unmasking scene and live singing. All detailes are on the special page.

Today is Monday, the most hated day in a week, so let's start with light and easy update: cartoons. Two episodes in cartoons. Each presents us an average American guy and both have very slim Phantom connection. We wish it not to be connected at all.

Generator Rex: soap opera, mongoose mutant, studio light board falling, nanotechnology, mixed up in strange duet cocktail. Special page with more info, pics and synopsis is here.

Dan Vs.: sociopath in mask, basted by audience, then audience set fire in theatre. Special page with more info, pics and synopsis is here.

Enjoy if dare.

Dear ladies! We are more than glad to congratulate you with the most beloved Spring Holiday in Russia! It's Women Day!

Today we added some new fanfiction masterpieces into our fan-section.

Also we added 35 artworks to our art gallery. Two new artists are here today: Kumu18, USA + Malakialagatta, Italy. Please, welcome! Now there are 40+ artists at our site!

Dearest ladies, blossom with your beauty and shine with your precious smiles every day in a year, not only one day in March!

Dear dear phantom fans! Spring is coming! Let's welcome it with updates!

Beautiful addition to our comics collection. The Phantom of the Opera meets Rouletabille, another famous person from Gaston Leroux' novels. First comics was published in 1989, and consisted of 8 books. And Phantom was lucky enough to appear twice! 1st and 7th books are his. In 2001 comics was republished, 8 books became 5, but both Phantom stories remained the same.

Meet Rouletabille and learn more about comicses on our special page. To know more about each Phantom story please visit our pages: Le Fantôme de l'Opéra + Le Trésor du Fantôme de l'Opéra.

Webber's Musical news

From November new national tour starts in the USA! Cameron Mackintosh announced, that "After a glorious celebration last month of 25 phenomenal years on Broadway with no end in sight, I'm delighted to be able to bring this dazzling new production of Phantom [...] to America." So it will be under British tour license, and start from Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI.

December is blessed with another Hamburg production. The first was back in 1990-2001, and it will be stage again in Stage Theatre Neue Flora, as lots of years ago.

Yeston/Kopit Musical news

While America's new tour is preparing, in London the professional premier of Yeston/Kopit's musical is ready to begin. Olde Rose and Crown Theatre, 14-31 of May. Director: Dawn Kalani Cowle, musical director: Aaron Clingham, casting director: Ben Newsome.

More info to come - stay tuned!

The first Phantom-ish book of 2013! Year starts with well-written and good developed book, halleluja! Sing for Me is a debut work of American writer Penelope Reece, it's modern retelling with strong connection to the musical (heroes even bring the musical onstage in this book!), full of suspens and romance. It's Young Adult story.

And now back to 90s! Funny raccons and aardvarks are ready to make some fun with very odd play and meet strange phantom in episode The Phantom of Sneer Mansion!. More info and pictures are on the special page.

Today Russia celebrates Defenders of the Fatherland Day. We wish all defenders to be virile and firm, and to be safe background to your beloved.

To the cartoon list we added new hero: Darkwing Duck, that super-crazy-duck-hero with his famous "The terror that flaps in the night!" Now look how DD met the phantom, more, three phantoms.

We present today one work book with six different faces. CIDEB / Black Cat publushing created the number of books, suit any taste, with different illustrations and with text adapted for different levels. And at bottom it's just the same book.

Special page present you the publisher, and provides info&book covers. We classified books under two chief groups based on paintist. Illustrations are gorgeous, stylish, marked with high gusto, realistic.

First group consists of French and English adaptations, illustrated by Duilio Lopez. More about books, with examples of art you can find on special page.

Second group consists of French and English adaptations and English with some help of Chinese. English text is the same as in the first group, but a bit more complicated to make thge level higher. Illustrator is Ivan Canu. More about books, with examples of art you can find on special page.

Britain's Got Talent, season 3, 2009 gave us a pleasure to listen to one very young and talanted girl named Hollie Steel. She performed "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" and became 6th. Her life and music career, with pics and video can be found on special page.

Kevin Gray passed away suddenly from a heart attack on February 11. Mr. Gray played both Phantom and Raoul on Broadway and later Phantom in tour, and he was one of those few Phantoms, married to his "Christine" - Dodie Pettit, member of the cast, then Meg, then finally Christine. In honour of Mr. Gray we present his personal page on our site. RIP.

To lift your spirit a little bit, we put some new information about Britain national tour, and present you great and emotional review by Margarita Kiselyova about Southampton performance (02/09).

Happy Valentine's Day, the most romantic holiday of all year! We wish you love and be loved!

Today's tradition for updates is R&NC-17. We added new shelf to our library. This time it's about Beauty and the Beast retolds. Now it consists of 4 very specific books.

Tale about love between beautiful maiden and kind, but ugly creature is one of the most popular tales in the world. This tale became the background for our beloved Phantom of the Opera story. Authors rush to retold the story in their own way, and among those book we can find almost everything, from simple tale to post apocalyptic thriller.

As a holiday gift we are telling you about erotic variations. Attencion! Some plots can damage your brain and imagination! And you must be at least 18 years old.

We start from the simple story. Beauty and the Beast (Erotic Fairy Tales) is a short R-rated story, where Beauty enjoys the Beast in every meaning of this word. Average writing style, moderate erotic scenes. M/F.

Let's make the story more complex. Petals and Thorns is a story, where Beauty must marry the Beast for 7 days and stay virgin to win freedom and wealth. But Beast didn't promise to be a gentleman, so we can expect hot nights. BDSM. M/F.

Heavy metal. Roses & Thorns: Beauty and the Beast Retold is the novel by well-known in some ways author. Beauty falls for mystery Liege, charmed castle's owner. The main question is not how ugly is the Beast, but what sex it possessed. Attention! The book represents homosexual content! F/F.

And dead checking. Beautiful Beast is a short and glorious in its sheer naivete story. The Beast wants to mate with Beauty. Shortness and humor, that's it. Attention! The book represents homosexual content! M/M.

Today is really glorious day! We're celebrating 8 years! We're here to entertain you, to amuse you, and to provide you all existed information about the Phantom of the Opera in all its shining incarnations!

We'd like to thank all our guests for being with us, and welcome all new guests. We are glad to see everyone, who is in love with Erik the Phantom as we do.

Today's B'day party is under Ghostbusters VS. the Phantom protection - short, 18+, brilliantly humorous and a little bit angsty cartoon, created in Russia. Dare you enter the page to watch it?

Also we present you the navigation page to make easier wandering around the site departments, pages and sections.

From now on is our English mirror site, and we are more than welcome you, dear Phantom fans!

"Unmasked" as plat du jour.

Number one is the short novella written by Michelle Marcos. Unusual OFC is presented here: very... magnifical sized girl, seducing our Phantom boy. Sweet, but simple story indeed.

Number two is added to our romance novels list. Attention, please! Homosexual context! Please avoid the book page, if you're not interested! For others here we present Anyta Sunday & Andrew Q. Gordon's fantasy novel about masks we wear and steps we produce to protect our true love.


Again about 25th Anniversary on Broadway! Majestic magic at your service on special page, heavy with pictures.

After party at New York Public Library with former Christunes and Phantoms in number: special page with pictures and additional detailes.

Let us dive into the frost boil of madness, surrounded by classic music tunes. I mean, let's read the book and watch the cartoon.

Mozart and the Phantom? It should seem to be no connections. But! 1993, Poland, cartoon studio created videoclips, accompanied by famous classic music. "Little Night Music. Allegro" was put in the story about one very possessed diva and one very angry creature. Special page provides trivia, screenshots, and video. Take fun!

And what's for reading today? Very grievous book in opposite to the cheerful cartoon. Transcend by Christine Fronseca. The book is loosely based on the famous story. The plot line is changed and backgrounds are New York and the last decade of XIX. Young man named Ien is in love with precious violinist Kiera. One gloomy night he's flying through the town on his love wings and... something terrible occurred! He's now broken, damaged and disfigured terribly. Well, the things are not what it seems to be.

25th Anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!

In honour of the famous musical we review Marcus Tylor's The first year backstage Her Majesty's Theatre London 1986-1987 book, featured lots of gorgeous photos of the original cast on and out stage, especially - our beloved Steve Barton.

Another gift for you, is Dina Garoipov's Music of the Night cover. This song is supposed to be for men voices and there are only few female singers who performs it. On special page you can find info, pics and video.

Multimedia page was extended with one more track: rockstar Nicholis Louw with operatic diva Mauri Mostert, if not good enough, at last it's interesting cover.

In Russia we celebrate Student Day and Tatiana's saint's day. Dear fellow students, god bless you all!

Only positive in menu!

Deliranza's videoclips were added.

Art gallery has now 50+ new artworks! Our dear old friends present:
and 2 calendars by Tuchka.

Russian fanfiction archive is growing up too. It's the largest tPotO fanfic archive in Russia so far, and we're proud of it!

Yesturday was Michael Crawford's B'day! Many congratulations to our first Phantom of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece! We wish Michael only the best! Today's update is on ALW's page!

We continue to tell you about Japanese production. The second part in about 2001/2004 national tour, including Kyoto, where the musical celebrated 3000 performance in Japan.

Decorations and backstage page demonstrates new posters and pics.

Introducing next Japanese Phantoms:

• Akira Aoyama;
• Eiji Akutagawa;
• Kiyotaka Imai.

And as bonus Dentsu Shiki Theater SEA's 10th Anniversary page. In this theatre now the Phantom of the Opera is staged.

Multi-coloured updates today!

Page with plagiarism cases is updated with new book. About Mormons this time. Where's Mormon and where's Phantom, I wonder. 1962 movie's page has additions in posters.

New review! Jumbee by Pamela Keyes. Jumbee means Phantom. It's modern story, placed into Caribbean shore. Caribbean coloring includes Afro-American Raoul (the first time in the Phantom history!) and Shakespeare odor. Mix of Bard of Avon and Phantom is very interesting and deserves your attention.

For Russian readers and those who don't mind using online translators, we presents Eugene Vladimirov's article in "X-FILES" newspaper. Very interesting article, with some major Phantom errors though.

Another working week passed away, and we can enjoy our weekend.

First, we can play another PC game, Night in the Opera, Russian production, loosely translated into English, "I search" and "three in line" genre.

Second, we can take a trip to Lions Gate Manor, Idaho (USA). Hotel suite was specially designed for Phantom fans.

Third, for you, who love extreme, we present tattoo page. Do you dare to get tattooed with "I love Erik" across your chest?

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it today!

As a good old tradition of our site, we present you Christmas gift inside Beauty and the Beast department.

Another screen adaptation of Aksakov's The Scarlet Flower tale: "Сказка о купеческой дочери и таинственном цветке" (The tale of merchant's daughter and mystery flower, 1991), directed by Vladimir Grammatikov. Film trivia and screenshots will help you do know more about the film.

PC Games page presents Big Fish Games' Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose (2012). Great location design, interesting fairy tale twist!

12/31/2012 - 01/01/2013
Happy New Year, everyone! Which you a happy and promising year, to dream any impossible dream, to love to be healthy, and smart, and wealthy! Lift your creative effort, explore new world, find new friends and don't forget about old good fellows! Thank you for being here with us in 2012, hope to meet you in 2013!

To celebrate New Year's Eve, let's go to Japan! Do you know, that Japanese production of Lloyd Webber's musical was the first Phantom production performed not in English? Do you know, three soundtracks were established? Well, I think, you do.

But do you know, it still on stage in Tokyo? Our special correspondent gives us the full report about one of the Fall's performances.

Next year, 2013, is 25th Anniversary not only for Broadway, but for Japan as well. We present the first Japan tour: 1988/1999, cast & trivia.

Rehearsal pictures.

Meet the Phantoms! 25 years on stage present us 11 actors, and here we've got 5 of them (the rest is coming soon!):

• Jun Sawaki;
• Masachika Ichimura;
• Masayuki Sano;
• Osamu Takai;
• Yuichiro Yamaguchi

How many people was able to watch the musical in Japan?

More news you can find in the News Archive 2012 (in Russian)