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Dear friends, Happy New Year to all! The outgoing year was a wonderful journey into the world of the Phantom of the Opera, we spent it with you, enjoying every meeting with our beloved heroes. In the new year we will go on a new journey. New lands, new countries, new discoveries await us. We, the team of the Phantom of the Opera: All About the Legend site, wish you all the very, very best! Take care of yourself! Rejoice at everything interesting and new that meets you on the way! Health to you and your loved ones! We will meet with you very soon already in 2019!

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Dear friends, we wish Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it today!
According to a long-established tradition, on this day we are updating the section devoted to the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. And today we introduce you to the eponymous cartoon of the USA/Japan co-production, released in 1992. This cartoon did not receive much fame, lost in the shadow of the animated version of Disney released a year earlier. And, perhaps, there are reasons for that. You can learn more about the cartoon, get acquainted with the synopsis and gallery on a special page.

Today we are reviewing a colorful French book with the "hinting" title Le fantasme de l'Opéra. Its author Gerard Fontaine is a connoisseur of the Grand Opera and the author of several books about this theater. This publication shows details of the buildings interior. Fontaine did not forget to mention the Phantom of the Opera. On a special page you will find details about the book, as well as selected illustrations.

Let's remember that there is still winter outside the window. So, it's time for winter sports. For example, for figure skating. Today we see with you one of the most recent performances to music from Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. There is a bright Russian sports star Alina Zagitova, winner of the recent Olympics on the ice. With her short program based on The Phantom of the Opera, she took 1st place in the Rostelecom Cup. Competitions were held in November this year at Moscow Megasport. On the general page about figure skating you will find a video of the performance, and screenshots are available to you on this page.

One fine day a tiny laddie came and asked his dad: Could you tell me, Daddy, what is good and what is bad? (V. Mayakovsky)
Today we will clearly answer this question by showing you two books from the children's section. And start with the good one.

Imagine that the characters of The Phantom of the Opera were in our time, in the century of Internet correspondence, laconic and seasoned with numerous emoticons. The author of the book Emoji Phantom of the Opera: Epic Tales in Tiny Texts offers a look at the plot of Leroux's novel through the prism of a modern way of communication, electronic messages. How will the Phantom announce his appearing in the theater? Will Raoul manage to convince Christine to escape with him? What do the personal correspondence of Meg and Christine look like? Enchanting interpretation of Leroux's novel in the form of electronic correspondence with emoji is waiting for you on a special page.

And the second book serves as a clear illustration of "what is bad." Its bad when a publishing house specializing in children's books and coloring books tries to lure buyers and parents with a tempting cover with a promising name, but its waiting for you inside ... However, about this you can learn on the page of the book Mr. Phantom Lost His Mask.

Today we talk again about the artists of the Russian musical theater. A lot of additional information has been added to the personal page of Rostislav Kolpakov, so we recommend that you look there again.

And today we are visiting another soloist of the St. Petersburg State Theater of Musical Comedy, Vyacheslav Shtyps. You can view a brief biography of the artist and watch the Phantom of the Opera duet performed by Vyacheslav Shtyps and Maria Elizarova on a special page.

We, in turn, remind you that you can always leave applications for your favorite artists. If you want information about someone to appear on the site, write to us.

Today we look at the People and Masks section. Here we include movies that do not have a direct connection with The Phantom of the Opera, but contain hints, associations, similar elements everything that seems like our beloved hero.

And today we will add in this section a movie that you all have probably seen. We are talking about the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003). Surely you remember what the main villain in the movie, the mysterious Phantom, looked like. But to what extent he really looks like the Phantom of the Opera, you can read about this in the review of Alyona Ivanova.

We had to interrupt our marathon for one day due to server problems, but today we are with you again. And again, we turn to the work of the American writer Kathleen Ann Jones, which is published under the pen-name H. D. Kingsbury.

Kathleen Jones is one of the most prolific authors in the English fandom of The Phantom of the Opera, she has published (alone and co-authored) five books; in addition, three collections of fan fiction (including her own works) have been edited by her. We met one of the collections Phantom Variations a few days ago, and now we have prepared for you the general information page of the author, which includes all her books about the Phantom of the Opera.

The third and final volume of the manhwa with illustrations by Kim Soo Han. Here you will find the scene of removing the mask, and the Persian's heartfelt story about the Rozy Hours of Mazandaran, even the death of Philippe de Chagni was not forgotten! The only fly in the ointment is the fact that manhwa, unfortunately, is available only in Korean so far.

For your convenience, we have collected all three volumes on one page.

The second volume of manhwa with illustrations by Kim Soo Han. And this volume is even better than the previous one! Imagine, the pages display not only the key events of the Gaston Lerouxs novel, but also all sorts of details, for example, Raoul sees Christine in a carriage with a stranger... Remember when she persuaded Erik to take a walk? Or Christine tells Raoul about how she visited the Phantom of the Opera (the Apollo's Lyre chapter), she did not forget about the icy hands of a mysterious stranger, nor about a strange smell. And in the Phantoms house she found a lot of flowers. Let's open a little secret, in the third volume in the first chapter we see the scissors that Christine prepared before go to the bathroom!

On the special page you will find many illustrations, and the third volume will be very soon!

Have you long understood that we love manga and manhwa? And that the Koreans love the Phantom of the Opera, did you probably also understand a long time ago? This three-volume manhwa, which was released in 2002, has already flickered once on our website. And today we are presenting you illustrations from the first volume, which, by a happy coincidence, ended up on our shelf. Illustration author Kim Soo Han really seems to have read the novel. Of course, the Phantom of the Opera still wears a half-mask, but Christine and Raoul are canonical. And the story of their dramatic acquaintance is reflected in the pages of the manhwa in such detail that we take off the hat to the Koreans.

The second and third volumes will certainly appear too, stay tuned!

The Phantom of the Opera sometimes appears at the most unexpected moments. So, for example, you sit down to read the most ordinary, the most classic British detective ... and suddenly you realize that you have already read something like that somewhere ... And the most remarkable thing is that this novel is translated into Russian. Full Dark House is a novel about how two detectives investigate mysterious murders at the opera house. Among the staff there are rumors about a mysterious phantom, but the detectives did not immediately guess the rumors ...

The stylish illustrated edition of Le Fantôme de l'Opéra released in France in 2017 immediately attracted our attention with its bright, atmospheric illustrations, it was impossible to pass by such a copy and not get it in our collection. However, close acquaintance with the publication turned out to be slightly discouraging. Why? Read about it on our special page.

Now is the time to plan a trip for next year and, of course, bring a little phantom to the trip. For example, go to a musical. On a special page you will find a list of current Webbers musical productions in the world: dates, cities, as well as a note whether this is the original version or a non-replica.

In addition to the Webbers musical, you can go to the original German musical Das Phantom Der Oper, especially since Uwe Kröger himself has been playing this musical since January 2019! On December 27, the musical begins its march through German-speaking Europe from the city of Ham in Switzerland. Further plans include Stuttgart, Basel, Zurich, as well as Hamburg, Cologne and other German and Austrian cities.

We also remind you that the next, fourth in a row production of Phantom by Yeston&Kopit in the production of the Takarazuka Theater, starts in Tokyo on January 2. Information about the new production (dates, castes, trailer and photos) is available for you on a special page.

Telling you about covers, concert numbers and video clips based on melodies from the Webbers musical, we somehow completely lost sight of the artists of the Russian musical theater. But many of them also repeatedly turned to the musical The Phantom of the Opera in their performances (not to mention those who were involved in its official Russian production). Starting today, we will begin to gradually create information pages for your applications. If you want information about your favorite artist to appear on the site, write to us.

And today we are fulfilling the first such application. Rostislav Kolpakov is well known to fans of musicals. Tanz der Vampire, Jekyll & Hyde, Master and Margarita, Beauty and the Beast, show programs and concerts ... all this and much more can be seen in the artists creative biography. He also turned to compositions from The Phantom of the Opera more than once or twice. You can find out about this on our special page.

The book named Phantom Variations is a collection of fan fiction published back in 2011. You can say good old fan fiction, almost an old school. There is everything from sugary romance to sharp drama under one cover. On a special page you will find a list of all stories with brief annotations and comments. And we will meet again with the author and editor of this collection in the future.

The name of the young singer Jackie Evancho is probably known to everyone who is interested in the theme of The Phantom of the Opera, and not only to them. For many years we have been watching the growing up and professional growth of this talented little star, but so far our website has not had her personal page. It is time to correct this omission.

Today we prepared for you a selection of the best videos where Jackie performs various compositions from the musical The Phantom of the Opera, as well as some interesting facts that you might not have known about. All this awaits you on our special page.

Today we will read a charming children's book written by ... a mouse! More precisely, by an Italian writer who invented a character of a mouse-journalist and began to sign books in his name.

Geronimo Stilton won the hearts of not only Italian children, books about his adventures were translated into other languages, for example Serbian! Jeronimo speaks in Russian too. Il fantasma del teatro dei sospiri: here Jeronimo will meet with a real opera ghost, fall into his trap, but in the end will be able to help one talented opera diva. The book is provided with wonderful illustrations, and the text itself is made up rather unusual. All the details are waiting for you on our special page.

When a book deeply touches the soul of the reader, it often inspires him to be creative. Some start to write fan fiction, others start to paint, and others start to make dolls ... Today we want to introduce you to the work of one such master.

Doll collector Lady Arabella has created a very unusual story about the Phantom of the Opera. And it is unusual in that the main roles are played by dolls. On a special page you can read and admire the story she created, as well as take small workshops, for example, make a Persian dagger or a music box with a monkey.

Today we will read the funny crossover Beauty and the Beast with Pride and Prejudice! Admit you love Mr. Darcy too? However, it is unlikely that your sympathy extends as far as the author of the book Darcy the Beast. On a special page, you will find a story about how Elizabeth Bennett met a gentleman in a half mask who turned out to be the man of her dreams. And please do not say later that you were not warned!

Can anything sound more beautiful than a cello in the hands of a virtuoso musician? And if there are four such musicians?
Today we bring to your attention the Prague Cello Quartet, who presented their audience exactly one year ago with their own arrangement of the title composition from Webber's musical The Phantom of the Opera. Watch and enjoy here.

Today we are reading one of the most recent books, which was published in early 2018. Im not afraid of the word, it is beautiful. Yes, there are flaws in it. Yes, this is a mixture of the Lerouxs novel and the Webbers musical with a large share of authorial arbitrariness. But! But here Christine is an absolutely independent girl who knows her worth. Here Raul is a decent young man. And its just a quality-written book. Particularly entertaining, I personally consider the fact that Christine wanted to become ... a magician. And here is how she thought of it before and why she appeared on the stage of the Opera on our special page.

As you already know, this year the Broadway production of the Webbers musical celebrated its 30th anniversary. In honor of this grand event, the new Phantom Fashion 30 charity project was organized. It is an exhibition of 30 Phantom masks decorated with the most famous designers and couturieres of America. The exhibition was held from October 31 to November 30 at the Museum of the City of New York, at the same time an online auction was held for the sale of masks, the proceeds of which were sent to the AIDS fund Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS. You can find out all the details about the exhibition and related events on a special page.

A year ago, a documentary book Paris mystères was published in France. Its written by Jean-Marc Léri, president of the National Charter School, connoisseur of Paris, former director of the Carnavale Museum (he also oversaw the catacombs). In 2018, the same-named 6-series documentary television series was shot on this book. As you probably already guessed, one of the sections of the book, as well as one of the episodes of the television series, is dedicated to our dear Phantom of the Opera. The video story about him turned out to be very worthy, moderately businesslike and moderately entertaining, not to mention the magnificent views of the Opera from the inside and outside, including the basement machinery and the roof, as well as the rather rare footage that was used in the frame. You can find out all the details about the book and the series, as well as see the series itself on a special page.

We will start our marathon from the Asian region. Japan and Korea are countries where The Phantom of the Opera is no less popular than in Europe or America. Now in Japan, for the fourth time, the musical Phantom by Yeston&Kopit is staged by the Japanese theater Takarazuka; from January 15 to February 26, the Webbers sequel Love Never Dies will again be in Tokyo; and from today on, the colorful Korean production of the Yeston&Kopits Phantom resumes in Seoul.

We will certainly try to cover new performances on our website. Today we will show you a curious book published in Japan. Oddly enough, this is a well-known adaptation of Leroux's book for children by Kate McMullan. The adaptation was translated into Japanese and published in a reduced format and with illustrations in the manga style. Now you can admire these illustrations on a special page.

Dear friends,
Recently, updates on our site do not appear as often as we (and you, we hope) would like. But we promise to improve. As you know, December is the time when you want to clean up, prepare for the holidays and make gifts. Well do the same on our site.
Just like last year, the December marathon awaits you: not a day without updates! Visit us and receive daily informational gifts from the Phantom of the Opera world.
With love, site administration.

BOO to everyone who celebrates Halloween today!
This year in our VK group, we have moved away from the traditions of scaring, today we make laugh!

And there is a new review on the site: the Japanese book-ranobe. Despite the fact that the action takes place on the eve of Christmas, in our opinion, this is the most Halloween story, because the main character in it is Youkai, a supernatural creature from Japanese folklore. In the English translation (which we read) she was called a goblin. The funny thing is this girl eats books. That is, in the literal sense of the word, eating them. And along the way, she is investigating the case of disappearance of a music school student. This young singer with great talent admitted to her friend before her disappearance that she was taking lessons from ... the Angel of Music! More information about the ranobe genre, about the book and the series where it is included, as well as a detailed synopsis you can find on the page Book Girl and the Corrupted Angel. There you will find illustrations!

After learned about the quest, if you decide to visit the Opera Garnier, then in box 5 you will find a very interesting surprise. Which one? You can find out about this on our page dedicated to the Phantoms box, pay attention to the postscript at the very bottom of the page.

And if you dream of seeing the musical of Yeston and Kopit Phantom, but you cannot go to Japan in the winter, then right now you can go to the USA. This musical is staged for the fourth time in Elmsford (New York), at the Westchester Broadway Theater, the rental dates for this season are: September 13, 2018 November 25, 2018, December 27, 2018 January 27, 2019. You can find more details and many photos on the page of American musical productions.

Today is a special day, the birthday of the novel The Phantom of the Opera! Exactly 109 years ago, on September 23, 1909, the newspaper Le Gaulois began publishing chapters by Gaston Leroux's novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra in the feuilleton section.

And today, in honor of the birthday of our beloved novel, we have prepared an exclusive gift for you: a quest dedicated to the Phantom of the Opera in the building of his own Opera Garnier! Yes, you heard right. For the first time in the history of the Paris Opera it is opened a real-life quest called Inside Opéra. Follow the trail of the Phantom of the Opera, remove its curse from the artists of the theater and solve eight riddles to find the notes stolen by the Phantom. The quest runs from June 9 until November 4, 2018. More detailed information, prices, conditions, passage, review and many photos are waiting for you on a special page.

Today we have prepared a truly sensational material for you. Not so long ago, a video appeared on the network with an excerpt from the original voiced version of the Phantom of the Opera (1930), and here we were very surprised. The Phantom of the Opera (1930) with Lon Chaney, and even sound, how can it be! And the presence of a Phantoms servant in the frame is a bomb in general! And we began to find out the truth. It turned out to be simpler and at the same time more complicated. And all because at that time recording sound and video synchronously was not an easy task. We learned how the sound version of The Phantom of the Opera was filmed in 1929, where it later disappeared, where the color dumb version came from in 2003, and where can you still see the full sound version ... Details of the investigation with photos and video are on special page. Bonus is the sequel idea from Gaston Leroux himself! True or not? Find out by reading the page.

Dear friends! The site administration wholeheartedly congratulates schoolchildren and students, as well as their parents and teachers on the Knowledge Day! We congratulate everyone else on the fact that you dont have to go anywhere on this warm Saturday day. And what is the best gift to give on September 1? Of course, a book! Today we give you an educational adaptation of Gaston Leroux's novel in Spanish. Absolutely charming illustrations of the famous artist Oscar T. Perez will take you along with the Phantom of the Opera straight to medieval Spain. Do not believe? Look at the special page.

Exactly at these minutes, the premiere of the new production of The Phantom of the Opera by Ken Hill at the Tokyu Theater Orb in Tokyo begins. The main role is played by the honored Phantom John Owen-Jones. The production will last only a few days, from August 29 to September 9. Well, for those who cannot attend this musical, we offer you to watch the official video of the production of 2013-2014 in English: 1 act, 2 act.

The theme of The Phantom of the Opera has become so popular over the past decades that references to it can be found anywhere: in books, cartoons, computer games, television series, etc. We will talk about series today. Sometimes these references are completely insignificant and occupy a small fraction of the screen time. But for us, even the fleeting appearance of a familiar half mask is an occasion to take note of the series and place it on the website in the section Apparitions of the Phantom of the Opera. Today here came the series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the season 6 episode 7 (2010), the main characters recalled a Halloween party, where one of them, a loser named Charlie, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, which helped him attract the attention of girls. More complete information is on a special page.

And for those who do not like to watch television series, we suggest looking through the book. The next (and far from the last) publication from South Korea. This book is quite old and rare, has long gone out of sale. Adaptation of Gaston Leroux's novel for Korean readers was done by Kim Jong Woo. The illustrator is unknown, but the drawings are very specific ... More information is waiting for you on a special page.

Meanwhile, summer is slowly drawing to a close. In order not to be upset about the approaching end of the holidays and warm summer days, we suggest you dance with the Phantom of the Opera.

Today we show you two dance numbers. The first issue was prepared in 2015 by the Israeli Dance school Vizavi under the direction of Russian choreographer Galina Vigal. This number brought the students the title of champion of Israel. We show you four videos of this issue, shot at different times. For more information about creating a number, see the special page.

The second number, to put it mildly, is very unusual. The American Unity Dance Ensemble, led by the very famous choreographer Tesandra Chavez, who directed many dance numbers in the most famous television shows, presented the audience with their original interpretation of The Phantom of the Opera. More about this on a special page.

Great news for fans of the Japanese Takarazuka Theater! In November, we will again be able to see the beautiful Yeston&Kopits musical Phantom performed by the troupe Snow. Director: Nakamura Kazunori, translator: Aoshika Kouji, cast: Eric Nozomi Fuuto, Christina Maaya Kiho, Gerard Carrier Ayakaze Sakina. Timetable:
Takarazuka Grand Theater (Hyogo): 2018/11/09 12/14;
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater (Tokyo): 2019/01/02 02/10.

But this is not all the news from Japan. Webbers sequel Love Never Dies returns to the Land of the Rising Sun in winter, the premiere of the new production will take place at the Nissay Theater in Tokyo on January 15, 2019 and will close on February 26, after which it will visit other cities in Japan. A full cast has also been announced: Phantom: Masatika Itimura and Kanji Ishimaru, Christina: Megumi Hamada and Ayaka Hirakara, Raul: Mario Tashiro and Ryunosuke Onoda, Meg: Nene Yumezaki and Miyu Sakihi, Madame Giri: Ran Otori and Tatsuki Kohju. The composition is truly stellar and contains both recognized and new talented artists.

Warm summer days set us up for a lazy vacation, but there are a lot of events taking place in the Phantom of the Opera world, so the site administration is gradually returning to work. Many news in recent months has touched on Webber's musical: performances in Poland and Sweden have recently closed, in Japan the musical has moved from Kyoto to Shizuoku, concert productions have taken place in France and Korea, and yesterday the musical premiered in Brazil (São Paulo), where the production returned 11 years later. We remind you that on a special page you can always track where the musical is currently going, we try to keep this data up to date.

In addition, we present to you an article by Alyona Ivanova Triumphant Don Juan: an imaginary or genuine triumph ?, in which the author is trying to figure out what the work of the Phantom of the Opera's whole life actually represents.

For those who are not very interested in musicals, we suggest reading the next published fanfiction from our book collection. Phantasmagoria: Mists of Metamorphosis by Felicity Partington is a continuation of the adventures of Eric and the blonde thief from Rome named Isabella. But whether these adventures were worth continuing is another question. Find out more about the dilogy on the special page.

And at the end of today's update a lot of funny and cute little things added to the Phantom of the Opera: Miscellaneous page. Stay with us!

In 2010 Kultura TV channel presented its TV project called World Famous Opera Theatres consisting of 4 episodes. Episode 2 is about Grand Opera. 50-minute episode offers outside and inside views, history of the theatre, its legends. For example, how hives appeared on the roof, or is it true, that in underground lake they breed fishes. And, of course, we will see la loge 5 and know the story of falling chandelier Paris Opera can't exist without its Phantom, right? More about the series you can read here.

One of the most curious inventions of Erik horrible but beautiful in its perfections is mirror chamber of tortures. From which origins Gaston Leroux found his idea? Believe or not, but he was inspired by Palace of Mirage, an unique amusement show created in 1900 and located in Grevin Museum. You can know more about its history, and study its physics background, and, of course watch a lot of pictures in the article by Alyona Ivanova.

Today is absolutely special holiday. It is 150th Birthday of Gaston Leroux, writer and journalist who created many interesting novels, short stories and talented articles. With The Phantom of the Opera among them. That novel now is his best-known book. We would like to celebrate this date with you. Let's have a glass of Tokai and look at yet another illustrated book from South Korea. It has its interesting features described on the special page.

Dear friends, we are always waiting the 4th of February with special trepidation, since this is the birthday of our site. And today we are 13 years old. We thank everyone who reads us, who writes to us, criticizes and advises. We, in turn, are pleased to inform all fans of the Phantom of the Opera the latest news, to present you with fresh or conversely old materials. And especially grateful for your feedback.

And if we are talking about birthdays, then we can not help but mention that a few days ago, namely January 26, the Broadway production of the Webbers musical celebrated its record 30th anniversary. We congratulate everyone involved in the musical on this momentous event: the creators, artists, technical staff and, of course, his loyal fans and spectators. And our present today is a complete overview of how the 30th anniversary of the musical in London was celebrated in October 2016 and how the celebration in New York in January 2018 differs. And there are differences, believe me! We invite you to visit both pages and virtually celebrate the birthday with us.

Today is a special day the birthday of Michael Crawford, the first performer of the role of the Phantom in Webber's musical. Michael Crawford was not just the first Phantom in the musical, he along with designer Maria Björnson created this role exactly as we know and love it for three decades. And today this wonderful actor turns 76 years old. We wish him good health, inspiration and long life!

And we dedicate our update to A. L. Webber's musical The Phantom of the Opera. We update the fan fiction section. Seven new works have been added here. Romantic and serious, sad and funny, all of them are based on the musical.

Today we will again look at the illustrated adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera. Another edition from South Korea. Perhaps visually this is one of the most beautiful Korean children's adaptations, but not everything is as nice as it seems at first glance ... Details about the book with a mass of illustrations are waiting for you on a special page.

Dear friends! Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this bright holiday today!
According to the beautiful tradition of our site to celebrate Christmas with an update in the section about Beauty and the Beast today we brought you wonderful new pages!

Firstly, we decided today to return to the origins and prepared for you details from the life of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, whose story has become a textbook. It is on the basis of Madame de Beaumont's fairy tale that the majority of modern interpretations of Beauty and the Beast have been built. On the same page you will find the full text of the tale in Russian and a selection of illustrations by various artists whose imagination was truly limitless when it came to how to portray the Beast.

In addition, we have prepared another book for you, published in South Korea. This time, its an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast for English learners from the publisher we already know. The book was released as part of a series that we already mentioned when it came to The Phantom of the Opera. And all the more familiar to us is the illustrator, the Korean artist Gyu Ha. On a separate page you will find out more about the book and be able to review the drawings.

Remembering the holiday concerts, let's go back a month ago. In December, the Federal Treasury of Russia celebrated its 25th anniversary. Such a large-scale event was awarded a large festive concert in the State Kremlin Palace with the subsequent broadcast of this concert on Channel One. And here, fans of The Phantom of the Opera also expected a gift in the form of the title duet from Webber's musical performed by Gleb Matveychuk and Elmira Kalimullina. This pair is not the first time to appear in our reviews, more detailed information you can find on a special page.

How do people celebrate the New Year? In our country they most often sit down to table that bursting with abundance (Olivier salad and tangerines are necessary!), then they pour champagne, listen to the presidents speech and watch New Years concerts. We want to draw your attention to one New Years concert of the channel Russia Culture, which is noticeably different from its counterparts on other television channels.

Meet The New Year in company with Vladimir Spivakov, where arias, duets and a trio of famous operettas and musicals performed by stars of the world opera stage, theater and cinema artists, as well as famous instrumentalists sound. The New Years concert of December 31, 2017 pleased fans of the Phantom of the Opera with the title duet from the Webbers musical performed by our beloved Ivan Ozhogin and Elena Bakhtiyarova.

12/31/2017 01/01/2018
Happy New Year, dear and beloved friends!

The past year was different: sad for ones, joyful for others, it was full of events and amazing moments, and it would leave sad and happy memories after itself.

We, who collect Phantom of the Opera news, rarities and details for you, we all wish you all the best, pleasant, wonderful in the new year! May your most cherished desires be fulfilled and your wildest dreams come true. And we promise, you will find a lot of new, interesting and very phantom on our site in 2018!

(Art by Muirin007)

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