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12/31/2015 - 01/01/2016
Dearest friends! 2015 is gone. It had his great and sad moments, was full of glory and pity, expectations and miracles. In new 2016 year we wish you new achievements, new friends, new glorious travels! We thank you for being with us in 2015, and together with Erik welcome you to discover more Phantom things in 2016! You won't be disappointed!

And as the last update in 2015, we added one more book to our list of Russian translations. This time, it's a collection of ghost stories, and it was published in Kiev (Ukraine). Please check it on our special page!

Happy New Year!

Day of winter solstice, the shortest day in the year and the longest night... Ideal time to tell kids scare fairy tales. Let's start! Hotel Transylvania 2 entered our screens not long ago, As you may already know, in this movie we meet our dear Phantom of the Opera. All details about this appearance you can find on our special page.

The second episode, I have no idea how to qualify it. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes tells disgusting yet brilliant story about... yes, killing tomatoes. In 1991 episode called Phantomato of the Opera was broadcasted. Prepare your knife and open this page to read more details and to see screenshots!

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! On last Friday in MDM Theatre was great masqued ball. We heartly thank Stage Entertainment Russia for this opportunity! We were there as accredited media and see the other side of the audience. You will find our impression about the ball and evening performance and lots of pictures on the special page.

Of course there were a lot of media on the ball. The last few days lots of articles appeared. So we refreshed our media page and added 10+ links about masqued ball as well as new interviews with Dmitry Ermak, Elena Bakhtiyarova and Ivan Ozhogin.

Video media page will please you with two broadcasts and radio show Bestolochi (Best FM) with Ivan Ozhogin and Elena Bakhtiyarova as special guests. In nearest future we will continue picking up articles.

Year draws to a close, and we're starting to summarize its results. For example, to calculate how many fanfics were published in 2015. Today we added 20 more books. You can find blurbs on our pages: sequels/prequels and books based on the Phantom story. Some of them are epic just as blurbs. Imagination of fans is endless.

Of course we try to read all the books, but it takes a lot of time. But we are on mission. And today we'd like to share with you one of those rare treasures, that we always eager to discover. Erik by Gabryel Flynt is unique: it's the first fanfic published in Hungarian, and the first based on 1990 mini series with Charles Dance as Erik. It's quite well written, and has some interesting twists. You can read the full synopsis on the special page.

Back to the brilliant original! We mean, the novel by Gaston Leroux. This time we brought you something really interesting.

You may or may not know that M.Leroux didn't avoid using some plagiary. Some time ago we opened this question telling you about the Persian prototype. today we will tell you where Leroux had borrowed some facts of Christine Daae biography. It's not a secret that he based his character on Christine Nilsson. But he not even copied those facts, but he copied some paragraphs from the book of 1875! More about it is on the special page called Cristine Nilsson VS. Christine Daae.

Speaking of real prototype, we can't help but telling yoou about Mamma Valerius. Her character was based on Adelaïde Leuhusen, née Valerius, Nilsson's first teacher. Visit our special page to know more about her and watch some great pictures!

And the most fascinating star of our update is Spanish adaptation. Its illustrations are worth noticing. You can read more about it here as well as see these pictures.

We'd like to share with something beyond good and evil! Korean TV show! King of Mask Singer, a show where jury and public have to judge performers only by their voice ability. They can't see their faces, because they are covered by freakish masks. In episode 7 among other competitors we can see battle Storm and gale unicorn VS CBR Cleopatra (and Cleopatra was a man actually). They sang a duet from the Phantom of the Opera in Korean. On the special page you will know who won and who was under masks. This show wasn't the first time when Unicorn and Cleopatra sang the famous lines from Webber's musical. You will read about it, too, and watch videos.

And one more show for you, guys. Running Man is a quest show where Korean actors and media persons run around night Seoul and solve different missions. In one of its episodes you can see the Phantom of the Opera. Two Phantoms, if to be more specific, and some more. On the special page you can find all details with pictures and video.

It's Claude Rains' 126th Birthday. We know his as the Phantom in colorful musical movie of 1943. With great personality and profound voice, Rains had 4 Oscar Nominees. Even in this movie, where the Phantom is on screen not more than 30 minutes approximately, we can see his great personal charm. This movie is the first in line of those adaptations where the Phantom wasn't born ugly, but his face was damaged by acid. Also it's the first and the last at the moment, where Christine chooses not Raoul, but... But more funny facts are here.

But actually it is a sad day. Bad news came from Grand Opera itself. Administrations is going to damage the heart of the theatre, its loges. The idea, according to the New York Times, is to take away the partitions during performances, creating 30 places, and reinstall them during the day, when the Palais Garnier is open to visitors touring the building. That means that administration divides performance and publicity. But what about operagoers? They don't deserve enjoy performances in the very place Garnier had built? Administration replies that there is number of seats with bad vision, and they are going to make them improved. Anyway, 32,000 people have already signed a petition protesting the "disfigurement" as it was called in newspapers. You can add your voice on this page.

But we don't want to finish this day in minor. To cheer you up, we'd like to tell you that Russian version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical is a nominee of Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask":
• Tamara Kotova in Operetta-Musical/Female Leading Role;
• Dmitry Ermak in Operetta-Musical/Male Leading Role;
• Mariam Barskaya in Operetta-Misocal/Conductor.
Congratulations all nominees, and victory be yours!

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!

Today we won't scare you with awful books and dreadful movies. We are positive today! And as our themed gift we prepare fresh TV show - Dancing with the Stars, it's USA's version of British Strictly Come Dancing. This episode was broadcasted five days ago, so they had to present Halloween costumes and make an accent on Halloween. Witney Carson and Carlos Penavega showed their version of pasodoble. There is pasodoble arrangement of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical's main theme, of course, but this duet didn't use it. Instead, they adopted O Fortuna, a medieval poem, part of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana collection. But the whole scene was not less than Phantom of the Opera reminiscence, including a boat in mist, Witney's white gown, Carlos' red costume and a mirror. You can see how it was danced and judged on the special page.

And we remind you that we've got a page with Phantom pumpkin collection. If you need one to wake your imagination, please welcome!

Today we prepared anime update. In Japan the Phantom of the Opera theme is quite popular, but despite of it popularity, there is no anime completely focused on this story. So all that is lacking is catching mentions and allusions of the Phantom. They appear regularly. Look at these two anime series!

First, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. It's a full-length movie based on the popular Nintendo DS game about professor who solve cases with help of his right hand Luke. Please visit our special page to read more information and full synopsis with screenshots.

Second, a very tiny hint, just a shadow of the Phantom story, but we couldn't help but add this cutie to our site. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka? Appealingness, adoration, all-over kawaii is on our special page with full sinopsis and screenshots. Moe desu!

Today Russian version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical welcomes its next jubilee 400 performances! We congratulate all cast and crew, and theatre goers, and us, proud Phantom fans! As a small present, we decided to pick up the most interesting reviews for the first year of release. Half a hundred of reviews are on the special page.

Also we are going to add new articles, both published and Internet, and video and radio broadcasts. You can read article or watch/listen to media materials by clicking on the cover and links.

P.S. Dear friends! If youve got your own review and wish to add it to our site, please feel free to send us an email of contact with us via social network.

Dear friends! Today we've got double happy day! First, today is Charles Dance's birthday. British actor, played Erik in 1990 miniseries, is 69 years old now. We wish him a good health, happiness and his career to be still successful! As a present to his fans we prepared a page with promo pictures of miniseries. You can enjoy them here.

Second, today is Elena di Veneria's birthday as well. To congratulate this talented and humble person, we prepared for her and for you too two new movies from Beauty and the Beast list.

First film is La belle et la bête French adaptation (2014), starring Vincent Cassel and Léa Seydoux. As usual, you can enjoy page with information about this film, page with full synopsis and screenshots, and also page with colorful gallery of posters and promotional pictures, because visual imagery of the movie is great.

Another movie, came out in 2014 too, is not so wildly known, but absolutely worth mention. La Bella y La Bestia is the 5th episode of Spanish Cuéntame un cuento (Tell me a fairytale) series. This series consist of 5 movies based of 5 famous tales. Creators tried to imagine what each fairytale would end up in modern life. You can learn more about Beauty and the Beast, read the synopsis and watch screenshots on the special page.

It's a special day for any musical fan, because today is a year since Russian premier of The Phantom of the Opera musical. We congratulate cast and crew, as well as us, fans, with its birthday!

And now, as we promised, we will tell you about Moscow Broadway concert and Walk of Fame opening took place a month ago. Visit our special page to read our report, to watch videos and a lot of pictures.

Dear friends!

Today it's a great day, it's a birthday of our Phantom of the Opera! This day, in 1909, Gaston Leroux published prologue of his novel in Le Gaulois. So today Le Fantôme's 106 years!

As you may remember, last year a new chapter of this novel was discovered. This chapter was published in newspaper, but cut from the book. Caitlin Freeman (aka Fdelopera) translated it into English and published in her book. You can read about it here.

But today we would like to tell you about another translation. This time it was made by Lena Eskilsson. She published her own book, and it's really interesting book for any Phantom fan. Please visit the special page to know more about this book, translation and additional facts.

Last year in November we told you about two TV series which were included into plans of producer companies in the USA. Alas, since that time we haven't get any further information, so we placed them in sad list on Film-in-Project page.

Good news came from absolutely different corner! Actress Tracey Lynn Frame and a group of amateurs are in process of shooting TV series named Coney Island. Frame called some professionals, including Kimilee Bryant, played Christine and Carlotta in ALW's musical. Pilot episode is going to be broadcasted in February 7, 2016. More information is here. Pictures are here.

Those who prefer to read books can take a look at rosemarycountess' review and full sinopsys of Catherine Miller's A Civic Duty. It's a modern retelling of the Phantom of the Opera story with some interesting twists.

A lot of events around Russian Phantom of the Opera musical took part: Moscow Broadway concert and Walk of Fame opening, the first Russian Phantom of the opera cast CD presentation and autograph session, Fanart Works Gallery opening, etc. We will tell you about all these events and more. Stay tuned!

Today we suggest you to turn back and remember the 1st of August when Mercedesz Csampai left the musical. As a goodbye gift she gave us an interview, which you can find here.

In July there is wonderful Theatre. Selects broadcast on Moscow24 TV channel. On the special page you can find two great duets from The Phantom of the Opera musical, interview with Dmitry Bogachev and a lot of pictures.

Back to the future, and the end of May with football match between The Phantom of the Opera team and Beauty and the Beast team. Now you can read about it on the special page and know all details.

Great news! Stage Entertainment Russia announced the Russian cast CD to be released on 11th of September! We can't wait for those 14 tracks sung by Dmitry Ermak, Ivan Ozhogin, Tamara Kotova, Elena Bakhtiyarova, Ekaterina Lyokhina, Irina Samoylova and the rest of Russian cast!

11th of September there will be autograph session in MDM Theatre. Phantom fans will be able to be the first who get the CD signed by cast and make a photo with Ermak, Ozhogin, Kotova, Bakhtiyarova, Zaytsev and Samoylova.

Nigel Wright, who worked with Barbra Streisand, Sarah Brightman, Madonna and created 5 platinum discs, is now a musical producer of Russian CD. Official digital distributor is Universal Pictures Russia. Record Label is Tonstudio Mosfilm. Audio mixing was made at SMP Studios Surrey in Britain. Cast and crew worked 8 months to create a perfection. Andrew Lloyd Webber was directly involved into work.

And we added a lot of fresh articles about musical. Also we recommend to take a look at video, where Dmitry Ermak shows us offstage area.

Summer is over, and so school vacation is over. In Russia the 1st of September is a Knowledge Day Holiday. We heartily congratulate all students and teachers!

We completely updated our catalogue of Russian translations of Gaston Leroux's novel, including audiobooks and ebooks. Each item is equipped with annotation, so you can easily get the idea of each volume and find any additional information and illustrations.

Also we can't imagine Day of Knowledge without schoolbooks. We prepared one more page about one more Spotlight book. This time it's for 8th grade and there are lots of troubles with the text inside this book! Take a look at the special page!

We are on summer vacations now, but we still are ready to give you some good Phantom news. First, the Phantom in London. Yesterday there was 12,000th show, and that's the new record! Pictures and video of this magnificent event are on this page.

Recently replacements in London cast were announced. And fans were really shocked, because... surprise! John Owen Jones returns! As we all remember, back in 2013 after British tour he promised he would never again wear the Phantom mask. But nevertheless he is doing this from September 7. So hurry up to London! The rest of replacements you can read on official page.

Second, Russian production of The Phantom of the Opera. Cast was partly replaced, too. Mercedesz Csampai left the show, and was replaced by Maria Ivleva. Ivan Rak replaced Ilya Zhuravlev. Yulia Churakova, Aleksey Rossoshansky and some others left, too. Full updated cast you can find on our special page. There you can read other interesting news, like 300th show, marriage of ballet actors and more.

More news. Wao Youka, known as the Phantom in Takarazuka version of 2004 married Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Count of Monte Cristo, Dracula, the Musical and other). Hope, they will live happily ever after.

And the last but not the least news from Hamburg. International cast of Love Never Dies was announced recently. American opera singer Rachel Anne Moore (Carlotta from Hamburg cast of the Phantom of the Opera) will play Christine. Icelandic tenor Gardar Thor Cortes (Raoul from London cast) will be the Phantom. And Norvegian musical actor Yngve Gasoy Romdal will be Raoul. Also as principals we will see Swedish actor Mathias Edenborn (Phantom in Hamburg) and American actress Jazmin Gorsline (from My Fairy Lady in London). More news soon!

Summer is a golden time for school boys and girls who delight their vacations now. And what's the best choice for vacation spare time? To watch TV, and not focus on home task. Today our update present you one of the most known cartoon heroes: easy-going dog Scooby Doo, his bad hat Shaggy and their friends Velma, Fred and Daphne.

Imagine! Scooby Doo animated series is on air from 1969 till present, it's 46 years so far! These long years franchising was growing wider and wider, and now it's not an animated series only. There are movies, and office supplies, and print media materials... Of course, it would be strange, if series about all supernatural stuff had avoided The Phantom of the Opera theme. And here something amazing begins. We tried to collect together everything related to the Phantom. And believe or not, we've got... 4 episodes in animated series, 2 full-length cartoons, a book, a colouring book and 2 comics. You can study all these items on the special page.

We gave a closer look at some of those items. As usual, you can find each of them on special page with full synopsis and pictures. Today you can discover a crime story for children Scooby-Doo! and You: The Case of the Theater Phantom.

Four episodes in animated series:
• The Backstage Rage
• The Phantom of the Country Music Hall
• Lights! Camera! Mayhem!
• In Fear of the Phantom

And two full-length cartoons:
• Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School
• Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright

If you know about more Scooby Doo stuff based on the Phantom of the Opera story, feel free to let us know! Now, enjoy!

Dear friends! Today we are back to Russian Phantom of the Opera musical production. And this is our special update. As you may know, we've got three actors playing the Phantom. Two of them Ivan Ozhogin and Dmitry Ermak are principals, and the last but not the least is Andrey Shkoldychenko, a very good person, actor and the Phantom understudy. Today we present his interview, given specifically for our site. You can read it on the special page.

Besides that we continue to capture every article about our musical. For the last two months mass media bring us joy of more than 40 online and 8 published articles. Present you all these treasures on our full list of media collection. Special pages for published media:

• Telenedelya about offstage excursion.
• Arhumenty i Fakty about the same.
• Komsomolskaya Pravda visited offstage too.
• Bryanskaya TEMA published long and detailed interview with Dmitry Ermak.
• Gorodskaya gazeta (Oryol) writes about musical and Ermak too.
• Atmosphera published blitz interview with Tamara Kotova.
• Otdokhni! writes about Ermak and his family.
• Telenedelya published about Ermak's family too and about West End's musicals and Russian production.

Enjoy reading!

We suggest you to take a break and spend your time with the Phantom. Relax with American show Comedy Bang! Bang!, one of episodes of this show was almost completely a mockery of The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Special page with information and video is here.

Speaking of modern art, its intriguing example you can find in section with different incarnations. We added collection of designer mirrors which was created by modern artist and sculptor Helidon Xhixha and named The Phantom and Christine under the impression of Gaston Leroux' novel. We must say we can't fully understand what exactly kind of connection is between mirrors and novel, and hope you will succeed. Look and enjoy!

It's time to renovate our cartoon page! Today we have two wonderful retro series with Phantom influence.

First, it's Italian series about Ratman (a Batman parody). It was broadcasted in 2006-2008. One of episodes is Il Ratto dell'Opera. Visit our special page to know more about it, watch screenshots and read synopsis.

Second, it's Oscar's Orchestra series, about brave fortepiano named Oscar who fights against Thaddius Vent, a Music Hater. This series was created to show children beautiful world of classic music. Each episode includes some classic masterpieces by Bach, Chopin, Mozart, etc. One of its episodes called A Fright at the Opera features Phantom-esque character. Visit our special page to know more, watch screenshots and read synopsis!

Today we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945, the Victory Day. For us, it is important to remember these heroical deeds of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. We remember. We honor.

You can enjoy your spare time with another Music of the Night cover. It's not the first time we add The X Factor to our site. Participants of this show definitely in love with Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece. Today please welcome one more. Bad vocal, awkward gestures, sparkling mask... You think of Philipp Kirkorov, I bet? No, that's wrong. Welcome Stevie Ritchie and his stunning Music of the Night!

Today's Gaston Leroux' 147th birthday! Talented journalist and writer, he presented us a lot of stories and novels, including, of course, our beloved Le Fantôme de l'Opéra. We thank you for that, Maestro!

As a gift to our favourite writer, we present you one more research for Real prototype page.

As you may know, to build Erik's character, Leroux used several different persons, both real and imagined. But who gave Erik his brilliant talent in magic? Erik, the King of Illusions, inherited features of another King... and he can welcome you on our special page.

Amount of published fanfics increases at a fearful rate! In recent 5 months they published 15 new books! That's the price of popularity. We only can humbly reap the fruits of such popularity and try to eat them...

Today we added another book to our sequels and prequels list. Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran by Marion Grace Woolley is about so-called Persian period of Erik's life. The main female character of this book is Afsar, Shakh's oldest daughter, that little Sultana. You can read detailed synopsis on the special page. It's quite well-written, but, alas, the plot turns being crazy time to time, and the author has problems with historical material.

25th Anniversary Tour of the Phantom of the Opera is in Istanbul now, from 04/07/15 till 05/17/15. And you've got a great opportunity to see Brad Little and Ian Jon Bourg as the Phantom in Zorlu Concert Hall.

We watched it last week! You can find all information about Turkish show on the special page, with full cast, interesting facts and videos. Our report with lots of pictures you can find here, and one more page for you is here, with pictures of Zorlu center, sets, costumes and programmes.

Christian Orthodox Church celebrates the Easter today and also today’s the International Day of Human Space Flight. We congratulate you with both holidays and wish all the best - health, happiness, peace and wealth!

A couple of weeks ago theatre world celebrated another holiday - World Theatre Day. And on 26 March in MDM there was a very interesting master class with Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Russian operatic soprano and diva. Her students were able to try their abilities as the Phantom, Christine and Carlotta on stage opposite to Phantom of the Opera cast.

Of course, we visited this master class, and here we've got our report with lots of pictures and video!

Dear friends! Today is Lon Chaney's 132nd birthday!

As usual, we celebrate it with our 1925 movie page update. Before its premier in New York Carl Laemmle presented his masterpiece to the public in Los Angeles at closed preview (7 and 26 of January 1925). It was the first preview, and public watched the movie as it was shot, before all main changes made. They watched adaptation of Gaston Leroux's novel as Lon Chaney wanted it to be.

You can read full synopsis of this version with lots of screenshots on the special page.

The main page of the movie is updated too. We collected all the links to the special pages. Full information is revised and updated. You will find posters and lobby cards, San Francisco preview, 1925 Vs. 1929 versions comparison, collectible DVDs, design sets and its sad fate... And many more on our site!

Dear friends! Today is Andrew Lloyd Webber's 67th Birthday! We wish him all the best, good health, happyness, creative success and many happy returns!

Today we added Hamburg vocal score (1993) to our vocal score page.

And Russian Phantom of the Opera show gave more than 200 performances since its premiere! Great success! Congratulations to cast and crew! We added new information to our page about Russian version. On media page you can find new article from Metro Weekend newspaper, and new video - a great backstage coverage.

And the last but not the least, the book. Manifestation of Phantom's Soul (volume 1) by Michelle Rodriguez. It's 500-page volume of her short stories, coming directly from Part boring, part naive, and sometimes OK reading. On the special page you will find synopsis of those short stories.

13 Friday! To thrill your nerves, we suggest you to watch Stage Fright, quite interesting thriller/parody/musical, premiered a year ago. This film has really close connections with the Phantom of the Opera theme, from the plot to casting. You'll meet Minnie Driver and Meat Loaf, who you must've already known! On the special page you'll find all additional information, including cast and crew, interesting facts and posters, and here you can read full synopsis and watch screenshots.

Dear ladies! Warm congratulations with International Women's Day!

Today we are going to tell you about next non-replica of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical. Now it's on stage from 13 of September 2014. We went to Prague and watched this show at 28 of February. And we are ready to tell you about it!

You can find everything about this production on this page: full cast and crew, interesting facts and video. On the special page with synopsis we put complete synopsis, full of spoilers, with lots of pictures. Also there is a review to the cast we've seen. So you can know all the differences between brilliant original and Czech version.

And the special page is for information about GoJa Music Hall, set design, costumes, rehearsal and backstage pictures. You will learn which cemetery Christine visited, why Radim the Phantom Schwab ran nude across the Charles Bridge, and how the mask was prepared... And much more!

Spring is coming! In 5-month period Russian Phantom of the Opera musical was watched by 500 thousand theatre-goers. Sales revenue surpassed 1 mln Roubles!

We continue adding new items to our Russian media page: Stage Entertainment CEO Dmitry Bogachev gives interview to RBK magazine, Komsomolskaya Pravda article covering backstage, Dmitry Ermak and his wife, Natalia Bystrova's interview to HELLO! magazine, and Dmitry Ermak's interview to MK Boulevard magazine.

And interesting news from Germany. German Stage Entertainment confirmed, The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Stage Operettenhaus (Hamburg) will be replaced by... Love Never Dies! Tickets are for sale from 10/23/15.

Dearest friends! Many congratulations with Defender of the Fatherland Day!

Present you the most enigmatic - after Erik - character in Gaston Leroux's novel. Man of so much mystery that it's far beyond fanfic writer's capacity. This is the Persian, of course. Today we lift the curtain over him, his name, origin, duty postion, appearance. You will know who was the person, Gaston Leroux based his character on in the original manuscript and what he changed later. Read this large historical investigation on the special page.

Again, today we added new items to our media page. Fresh online articles, including one about Dmitry Ermak and musical backstage pictures. Also there is OK! magazine February issue with interview of Ivan Ozhogin. Try it on the special page.

We added one new video too. This time, Komsomolskaya Pravda reporter Oksana Fomina was backstage and prepared her interesting commentary.

And the last, but not the least news! Short after its closing in Hamburg, German musical version is moving to Obernhausen. Shows start from 11/17/2015 in Stage Metronom Theatre.

Today is a birthday of Maria Björnson (16.02.1949 - 13.12.2002), a great theatre designer, who created set and costumes and chandelier, all significant features of The Phantom of the Opera musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

In this day, we added one fresh performance of Evgeny Zaytsev and Elena Bakhtiyarova. Their All I Ask of You was broadcasted by Russian Lotto TV show. Look at the special page to know more and to watch the video.

Dear friends! Happy Valentine Day to everyone! We wish you to find your soulmate as soon as possible. And those who've done it already, we wish you harmony, peace and chemistry!

We've got one very funny tradition, to make high-rated, 18+ update this day. So we added to our XXX page one new item. It's Phantom of the Orgasm, 2006, made by female director Danni Ashe. Please notice that information about this movie is for adult only!

Today is that very Friday, when it's better to turn the lights on. Friday 13, and lets do some good.

Phantom of Death, ladies and gentlemen. It's a story about piano prodigy, who's getting mad, starting to wear a mask and... And what happened next, you can read on the special page with full synopsis and screenshots.

And one more published fanfic Love Changes Everything. It's not a horror story. There is no horror, or bloody murders, or maniacs. But it's a disaster anyway, and bad written to be honest. Go to the special page with synopsis, and you will know why we add this book to "Friday 13" update.

Russian media page: in HELLO! magazine there is a new and very interesting interview with CEO Stage Entertainment Dmitry Bogachev. He tells about his life, his work and musicals in Russia. You will read about his success story and future plans.

And we added one more TV show broadcasted by TV Center. February 1st, we was going to enjoy All I Ask of You performed by Evgeny Zaytsev and Tamara Kotova. You can read about shooting and broadcasting on the special page.

Do you know, dear friends, that we've got the largest catalogue of Russian translations of Gaston Leroux' The Phantom of the Opera? And today we added one more book!

It was - a very interesting information! - published in Ukraine, and it is the first Ukrainian novel about the Phantom so far! And also it presents the most adequate and simply the best translation into Russian. This translation is being used in two publishing houses: Eksmo and Amfora. Eksmo uses classical translation. In Amfora we can see text edited by S. Vassilieva. She made some important changes, and now we can fully enjoy the novel. You can check our list of translations on the special page.

Also we added Atmosphera magazine with interview with Dmitry Ermak and his wife Natalia Bystrova. And to our media page we added two-part TV show with interviews with CEO Stage Entertainment Russia Dmitry Bogachev and Tamara Kotova. On this page you can listen to the interview (Russian) and watch extracts from Phantom of the Opera musical as well as Tamara's performance in the studio.

Today's wonderful day! Our site's 10th Anniversary! We are here 10 years so far! We work for you 10 years! It's just the beginning! We don't remember how many pages we designed, how many pictures we uploaded, how many books we read and movies watched. We are here for you and we're keep going!

Our birthday's update is traditionally fanmedia. Our fanfiction archive is already the largest archive of Russian Phantom stories, and is growing. Today we added 10 new fics and lots of poetry.

Our page with fan videos presents two works by LuinaLuna "In my veins" and "Quand le Rideau Tombe".

Our fanart section is now modernized! Artists with multiple artworks are with their special pages now. And we welcomed three new artists today: alyona11, rosemarycountess and Olga Belyaeva. We also added 200 (yes, it's two hundred!) pieces of art to our gallery.

Happy birthday to us!

In some countries (including Russia) today is The baptism of Jesus Day.

And today's Michael Crawford's birthday. He's 73! He's the first Phantom in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, and he's that person who created this character along with Mari Bjornson, with his gestures, appearance, walk. Many fans consider his vocal and acting as a sample of true Phantom of the Opera. We wish him happiness and health!

As an update we prepared colorful article published in 2006 in Modern magazine. It was written by Egor Simachov, ballet soloist in Bolshoy Theatre, who happend to visit Opera Garnier and collect facts and gossips about this building and the phantom living beneath the theatre. You can read the article and look at the illustrations on the special page. We thank LaFeeHypno for this material.

Two our regular readers, Faith and Selena Wolf sent us information about My Candy Love online game, where the Phantom appeared in one of bonus episodes. You can read more on the special page.

We receive lots of questions about Russian musical cast schedule. We know how important it can be, to plan the visit to the theatre, so we collected links to schedule pages of our actors on one page. You can find it here.

The Phantom appeared in What? Where? When? show not once, but twice. And his first time was in 2001. The main duet was performed by Alex show troupe. More information, pictures and video you can find on the special page.

And speaking of TV shows, another page of Ukrainian remake of America's Got Talent show. In 2013 there was one really gifted performer, who charmed judges and us. On the special page you will find additional information, as well as pictures and video.

Dear friends! Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it today!
Our quiz is closing tonight, but still you can send us your answers! Hurry up!

And today as our tradition we update Beauty and the Beast pages. La Bella e La Bestia, new Italian/Spanish mini series in the best traditions of Italian fairy tales and Spanish passions. It's a great gift for everyone who loves old tale! On the special page you will find lots of information about cast, shooting process, and Phantom-ish things. We've got also the page with full synopsis and screenshots for you.

And for adults only we've got one more update today. The Beauty Series are 4 stories about modern Beauty (she's a student) and the Beast (scarred warrior). Attention please, NC-17!

Intriguing news! Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical conquests more and more countries! This time it's Bucharest, Romania, where the Phantom of the Opera will be opened at the end of January. You can read more about this stage version, cast&crew and other interesting facts on our Fantoma de la Operă page. Photos from rehearsal can be found here.

Among other interesting facts about Romanian Phantom there is, for example: Christine is played by soprano Irina Baiant. She took part in Voice of Romania show as a guest star and sang the main duet with the winner of this show. Details are on the special page.

And Russian version of the Voice show amuses us with two episodes. You can read more and watch video on the special page.

12/31/2014 - 01/01/2015
Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring you health and luck, professional success and personal victories, good mood, peace in your heart, love and happiness! And of course a lot of Phantoms!

Right before New Year Moscow Komsomolets newspaper published its own list of main events of 2014. They included Russian Phantom of the Opera musical in its list as a point of no return of the year. More details are on the special page.

And we added one more radio broadcast to our list. It took place at Radio Romantika 24-28 of November. On the special page you can find more details and epic fails of radio djs who told us some tales instead of real facts.

More news you can find in the News Archive 2014.