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12/31/2014 - 01/01/2015
Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring you health and luck, professional success and personal victories, good mood, peace in your heart, love and happiness! And of course a lot of Phantoms!

Right before New Year Moscow Komsomolets newspaper published its own list of main events of 2014. They included Russian Phantom of the Opera musical in its list as a point of no return of the year. More details are on the special page.

And we added one more radio broadcast to our list. It took place at Radio Romantika 24-28 of November. On the special page you can find more details and epic fails of radio djs who told us some tales instead of real facts.

Russian stage version of the Phantom of the Opera musical celebrates today its anniversary! 100 shows so far! Our warmest greetings to everyone!

To our page with What? Where? When? show we added an interesting interview of Dmitry Ermak and Tamara Kotova given after their performance.

This year gave us lots of covers performed during TV shows. For example, Ukrainian version of The X Factor, when the main duet from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical was demonstrated by the trio called Extreme.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today we're back to different dubbing of 2004 movie. Do you remember it celebrates its 10th anniversary in December 9? So we revised and edited page with our review and added more information and more countries of this movie. Let's unpack Christmas gifts with Phantom movie with a good dubbing!

Fresh article in Liza magazine made a gift to its readers published interviews with Ivan Ozhogin and Tamara Kotova who presented The Phantom of the Opera musical, and Pavel Lyovkin and Anastasia Yatsenko who presented Beauty and the Beast musical. Read the interview here.

Yesterday First Channel (Russian main federal TV channel) broadcasted new episode of Chto? Gde? Kogda? (What? Where? When?) quiz show. In the break called music pause Dmitry Ermak and Tamara Kotova performed the main duet from The Phantom of the Opera musical. You can visit our special page to read more about the show, performance and watch video.

Our New Phantom New Year Quiz is started now! As you have already known we prepared some very difficult, but interesting questions based on the Phantom of the Opera facts (one can find answers to all questions looking through the pages of our site). Prize is one of our three Russian Phantom published books. More information, terms&conditions you can find here.

Sweet and almost perfect date! Some presents for you today!

We added more sheet music to our pages. Now it's Love Never Dies's London and Australian shows.

On the page with TV and radio broadcasts with Russian Phantom of the Opera production we added 3 episodes of "Roial V Kustakh" by Radio Kultura. In this very special radio show Evgeny Zaytsev (Raoul), Ekaterina Lyokhina (Carlotta) and Elena Bakhtiyarova (Christine) presented Russian musical as special guests.

And the last but not the least! Their Music by Lindsey Johnson, 4 short stories based on 2004 movie, strong but naive author's love to Erik play a low-down trick with this book. You can find full synopsis on the special page.

Today we (again!) added new stuff to our page with list of Russian mass media. This article is about Andrew Lloyd Webber and tells us about composer's life and works.

Also we added vocal and piano scores. You can find them on our special page.

And now... two more books! A Rose in Winter by Catherine Miller. Try our special page to know more about Christine, who loves cacao and music.

Another book is The Secret Door: A Phantom of the Opera Novel by J. M. Smith. It looks like crossover with with The Lake House. But it was very likable reading, so you can try it without fallouts.

Russian journalists watched musical, collected their impressions and started writing again. We added two more articles to our mass media page.

Telenedelya presents Sound of musicals article where Olga Marsheva tells about 5 musicals, including Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Les Miserables, Annie and Beauty and the Beast. Two of those musicals had never been staged in Russia. But they were included into the list because Marsheva wrote about musicals-on-screen.

Vash Dosug magazine published article by Alla Arkhangelskaya. She saw the Phantom of the Opera for the first time in her life. Her vivid emotions in the article are great!

The last day of Autumn... and fresh update!

We present you souvenir brochure printed by Stage Entertainment for Russian Phantom of the Opera production. It has just appeared in MDM theatre. You can find there photos from Russian show (instead of Russian programme, where photos are from Hamburg show). Take a look at the special page where Laruno tells about every pros and contras of this brochure (spoiler - contras mostly).

Videos was increased by an episode from 'Evolution. Main element. Anatomy of paranormal' TV show. Could you guess The Phantom of the Opera musical is in TV show about paranormal?

Dear friends! Today we share with you again the second volume in series. This time it's Book 2 of Christophe Gaultier's great Le Fantôme de l'Opéra comics!

It's a rare treasure to find something fan-related in French. This comics is definitely that hidden gem. You can read synopsis and watch pictures on the special page. We've got two questions only. First, why the author changed names if the plot is taken from Leroux's book with just light and minor changes? And second, why, for God's sake, the Persian is uglier than Erik?!

Do you remember that book Enchanted Violin, which we so praised in 2012? That was the first book in The Angel of Music series, and today we added the second book. The author republished the first story under a new cover and a new name - Raoul. The second book he called equally unpretentious - Erik. Christine is 15 now, and judging by author's text, she has become a typical American teenager with mobile phone in her hand and wind in her head. What happened when she met Erik - and where were Raoul at that time - you can read on the special page with a detailed synopsis.

Coming back to the news about the Russian production of the ALWs musical. Just in case you don't know yet, buying program in the MDM now you can get a free promo disc containing main theme Phantom of the Opera records performed by Bakhtiyarova/Ermak and Ozhogin/Kotova. Also you can buy now the booklet with pictures of Russian cast.

You can find information about the concert to the Russian Day of Internal Affairs Officers on a special page, as well as photos and video of the performance of our actors, which was cut and replaced by commercial block when concert was broadcasted on Russia1 TV channel. Also we added a great radio interview with Alexei Ivaschenko - author of the Russian libretto of The Phantom of the Opera. Interview was given on the radio City FM. You can listen to it on the special page.

It seems that only yesterday we were watching Schumachers movie - and bam! Gerard Butler celebrates his 45th anniversary today. The only way you know how time flies. Congratulations to all young ladies beloved Phantom of the Opera! We wish him career success and happy personal life.

And today we added a book published a year ago. We've just finished reading it. Wish we'd knew it would be so much fun!.. Honestly, we would read it much earlier. At first glance, it is a typical Mary-Sue story in modern settings. But this very is simply a gem. Eric, too, is not far behind. She writes books - he downloads them to Kindle. She loves tea - he brews it in a samovar and served in the table-glass with podstakanniks. She prays Cali - he has a split personality, and he talks to himself, giving his alter ego the name Adrian. To see what will happen next, read the special page. Just arm yourself with popcorn!

Today we added again two new articles to our media page. Both of them are interesting and full of information.

Argumenty Nedeli gives us interview with Dmitry Bogachev, who tells about Russian musical team climate and possibilities for tours.

Transaero inflight magazine presents interview with Dmitry Ermak. Highly recommended! Dmitry tells about himself, casting for the Phantom and why this musical is so special. Author of this article, Irina Rubanova, made a very specific research. She's writing about so-called mystery around the fifth loge, about chandelier crash, etc. Our notes about this articles you can find on bottom of the special page.

Endemol USA producing company is to make a new TV drama based on the Phantom of the Opera story! The project is written by Tony Krantz, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet is welcomed as director. It was described as drama brimming with tortured love affairs, sex, murder and mystery, set in 1919 with British World War I fighter pilot with burns covering half of his body as the Phantom. His love interest is Paris nightclub Opera star, who crossed hairs of the serial killer.

National Unity Day is a holiday in Russia. Some people say it's a replacement of the Day of great October Socialist Revolution, some people wants to celebrate the feast day of the Russian Orthodox icon of Our Lady of Kazan. But we suggest to think this day to be the Unity Day of all nations and race, of people of all cities and countries.

And as a gift we revised our book shelves and added 12 new books to our pages:
sequels got 4 books,
books inspired by the Phantom of the Opera got 4 new items,
love stories got 2 new romances,
and children books got 2 new stories.

Dear friends!

Today we prepared one very interesting book. It's Chinese adaptations for children, and that's a rare treasure, to get some Phantom-ish stuff from China. This book is adapted by Guan JiaQi. You can look at the very sweet ink pictures on the special page.

Also we added one more interview to our media page. This time it's Aeroflot magazine with Elena Bakhtiyarova's interview.

It's Halloween! Trick or Treat! And we will please or tease you with some sweet updates.

It's young adult book A Phantom Enchantment by Eve Marie Mont, the third book of Unbound series. It's not a modern retelling, though it has very strong Phantom of the Opera lines.

Unique exhibitions was presented at Paramount Hotel (New York, NY), just 1 block from Majestic stage door. Costumes, souvenirs, and most importantly Phantom's masks, painted manually. Lots of pictures, as well as information is on the special page.

Saturday Night Live still amuse us with its Phantom of the Opera parodies. This time, it's Save Broadway starring Neil Patrick Harris. The Phantom of the Opera wants to save Broadway musicals from bankruptcy. Look at the page for information and video!

As it has been known from Internet sources, ABC channel is planning to make Phantom of the Opera TV series. Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry is joining the team. The series will be penned by Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner, writers of the musical First Date, which ran on Broadway last season.

It was said that the series would be based on Gaston Lerou'x novel and tell the story about modern show business in the USA. Stay tuned to know more!

Now it's time to tell you our impressions about the first shows of Russian version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical. We visited three shows: opening night at 4th and two performances on 5th of October. So we combined our thoughts about all three shows and added lots of pictures: so you can virtually visit MDM Theatre. No Phantom was hurt during this review writing.

Aaand again! We updated mass media page with several published items! Also we recommend to watch StyleTV coverage of open rehearsal.

All this commotion about Russian Phantom of the Opera premier doesn't stop us from updating another pages on our site. Today we added a new edition of Gaston Leroux's Russian translation. Take a look at the page with full list of Russian books, and you will find the new cover and information. As you can see on preview, it's a young man halfmasked. So we consider this cover as a proof that designer(s) didn't read the novel. So we can imagine how newbees would feel themselves reading the book: le shock!

Again, mass media page is updated with new newspapers and now consists of two parts: newspapers, magazines and Internet and videos and radio broadcasts.

Dear Phantom fans!

Today The Phantom of the Opera musical is celebrating its 28th birthday! We congratulate all of you and wish our beloved Phantom Many Years!

We restructured Russian musical page and make the special page for musical chronology. On the main page you can read now interesting facts, full cast and crew, including understudy and ballet.

We congratulate Dmitry Ermak with his first child's birth! The Phantom of the Opera's male heir was born on October 7th. We wish the baby and his family be healthy and happy! And we can't wait to see Dmitry onstage!

Today we will tell you about gala night of Russian version of the Phantom of the Opera. It took place on October 4th in Moscow Palace of Youth. We was there, from red carpet till the last people leaving the theatre. We took lots of pictures, and talked to lots of guests.

Many thanks to Stage Entertainment press relations service and Svetlana Butovskaya in person for the opportunity to watch the gala show.

And now - the red carpet and what happened before and after, about the show, and our adventures during intermission, all of these and more on the special page.

Just several hours before The Phantom of the Opera opening! We're on our way to the red carpet, stay tuned for pictures!

For all of you who wait for updates, we added lots of new articles to our mass media page. Also please welcome our coverage of one of previews (10/01/14). On this page you can read our experience and see scans from new Russian programme!

Alas, Dmitry Ermak due to some throat issues can't perform on the premiere (as ir was scheduled before). We wish him a speedy recovery! Ermak will be replaced by Ivan Ozhogin. Christine today is Tamara Kotova.

Again, we are adding new articles to our special page for mass media items.

So, today there are videos by several TV channels, covering open rehearsal; new online articles with lots of pictures.

And also we've got new magazine, Vash Dosug, with Ivan Ozhogin's interview. This item was kindly given by press relations service of this artist. We thank them very much.

Ta-daaam! As we promised, we will tell you today about The Phantom of the Opera open rehearsal!

You will know what open rehearsal means, which episodes were demonstrated and how Russian text can be sung. And also you will see what Russian Phantom is look like, and how he can sing. Visit our special page!

Dear friends! Today's our great holiday! 105 years ago Le Fantôme de l'Opéra started being published in Le Gaulois! This very day is the Phantom of the Opera birthday.

Now the whole attention is fixed on Russian stage version. So we decided to present you a huge surprise and took interview with all main cast:
Dmitry Ermak & Ivan Ozhogin (the Phantoms),
Elena Bakhtiyarova & Tamara Kotova (Christines),
Evgeny Zaitsev (Raoul).

And more! Today at 1 pm the only open rehearsal for media took place at MDM. It was excellent opportunity for us to see how international crew works, feast eyes with gorgeous costumes and be the first to listen to the Russian translation of libretto. During rehearsal three scenes were presented by musical supervisor David Caddick, director Arthur Masella and choreograph Patricia Merrin. And also we could talk to CEO Stage Entertainment and producer Dmitry Bogachev.

Open rehearsal is the only one chance to make pictures and video of stage performance.

VEGAS Crocus City Shopping Mall opening was yesterday. Our Christine - Tamara Kotova and the Phantom - Dmitry Ermak presented two compositions from upcoming Russian musical: Think of Me and The Phantom of the Opera. You can read about this ceremony on our special page with lots of pictures and videos.

And Moscow24 TV channel broadcasted great video: musical backstage showed by Dmitry Bogachev, CEO Stage Entertainment and producer. You can see that theatre-goers usually don't see. You can watch the video on the page with media list.

We also added two new articles: one more Telenedelya, and also Moskovsky Komsomolets (weekly issue).

Less than a month left before Russian Phantom of the Opera premier! The day before yesterday the first test of chandelier crash was made. Actors continue their rehearsals. And we are so excited! Don't forget to visit our special page about Moscow stage version!

And today we present you new article added to our page with article list. Now it's vivid pages in 'HELLO!' magazine with quite interesting information about our actors visited Paris and London. Also we added 'Lisa. Horoscope' magazine and their interview with Dmitry Ermak.


We added new articles to our special page. Read Ivan Ozhogin's interview for Novaya Gazeta. He reveals his thoughts about Phantom character, rehearsals and his opinion about 'Love Never Dies'.

Also his schedule is available now, so you can book tickets easily.

Yesturday full Russian Phantom of the Opera cast of 39 persons was announced. You can meet the people on our special page, where we put bio, pics and list of other their works.

And Beauty and the Beast list of books now increased Amanda Ashley's new book Beauty's Beast. You can read what she did to our poor Beast on the page with full information and synopsis.

Less than a month left before Russian Phantom of the Opera premier! The day before yesterday the first test of chandelier crash was made. Actors continue their rehearsals. And we are so excited! Don't forget to visit our special page about Moscow stage version!

And today we present you new article added to our page with article list. Now it's vivid pages in HELLO magazine with quite interesting information about our actors visited Paris and London.

Dear friends! It's the first day of new school year! Congratulations everyone who must goo to school/college/university! Stay strong! Stay Phantom fan!

For you today we prepared thematical update. We added some new books for studies. First, it's a workbook of World Arts. Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber must, as authors think, be added to rock and pop music article.

Laura O'Loughlin's Phantom of the Opera adaptation is here. Vocabulary, questions and audiodisc are included to this quite good version.

Pauline Francis's Phantom of the Opera adaptation is here. Guess, who was Phantom based on!

Russian Phantom of the Opera musical team (including Ivan Ozhogin, one of the Russian Phantoms) answers to Ice Bucket Challenge call, sent them by Hamburg Phantom of the Opera cast! In their turn they challenge Sara Brightman, Moscow 24 News crew and Moscow cast of the Beauty and the Beast!

And also please welcome our new page: articles and video coverage about coming Moscow Phantom of the Opera version! This time it's Telenedelya (weekly TV guide), you can see the article with our comments on the special page.

Incredibly sad news! Universal Studios in Hollywood is going to tear down their historic "Stage 28," originally built in 1924 for "Phantom Of The Opera" starring Lon Chaney! Nowadays it's the oldest sets not only in Hollywood, but in the whole world! It is the part of world cinema. You can read the story of these sets on our special page.

Now all cinema fans are trying to prevent the sets. They suggest Universal Studios to keep it as a part of historical heritage and make as a part of tourist objects.

You can vote for it HERE. Let's save historic Phantom of the Opera stage from demolition!

Final countdown! 1st school day is on our doorstep. Prepare to school with our updates!

The Phantom of the Opera adaptation by H.Q. Mitchell will help you with language practice on the special page. Illustrations are added as well.

To relax and forget about school a little bit, enjoy House of Wax (2005) movie. Find info & synopsis & screenshots on the special page.

Today we present you a Christine Daae doll figure made for "My doll collection" magazine by De Agostini. Good news: it's a quite accurate porcelain doll. Bad news: the rest. Each magazine brings us a story of one lady from famous historical novel. So this time it's Christine. But information put into multi-paged magazine is disappointing, with lots of fake facts. And the dress of Christine, do you remember her in a red dress? More about this issue, a doll and fakes you can find on the special page.

Also we updated information about all Takarazuka actresses on the special Taka page. Now with two more ladies!

News about Russian Phantom of the Opera! 08/06: decoration sets came to Moscow! 08/11: rehearsals began! And meet full main cast on our special Russian musical page!

El fantasma de la Ópera, one more Spanish book for children. Adapter is Sandra Bautista, illustrations are by Carmen Guzmán Muñoz. So simple and naive pictures! And look at this little cute Erik on the cover! The story is based on Gaston Lerouxs novel, with the Persian and others. But why this half-mask, I wonder. More information and lots of pictures you can find on the special page.

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, another workbook in French, but published in Italy. Adapter is Marie-Claude Chastant, illustrations are by Sara Gavioli. Lots of additional materials, and great pictures! You can find all details on the special page.

We'd like to present you one more children adaptation, this time with gorgeous pictures! El Fantasma de la Ópera by Miguel Ángel Palermo, coloured ill. by Ignacio Noé, was published in 2000 in Argentina.

The same book was also published in 2011 as workbook with exercises and quizes. In this version the pictures are black and white. You can see them on the special page.

Today we're reading Through Phantom Eyes by Theodora Bruns again. It's Volume 3 now. Erik is a big boy and everyone's favourite. He moved to Persia and befriended with the Persian, and especially with his daughter. What happened next, you can read on the special page.

We updated the page about Christine's possible prototype, Christine Nilsson. And also we updated the page about Patti sisters. Adelina and Carlotta could be the base for Leroux's Carlotta character. You can find lots of pictures of both sisters as well as lots of information about them.

Dear Phantom fans, today we present you the interview with Gaston Leroux's great granddaughter Veronique! She's the owner of great collection dedicated to her famous great grandfather and his works. Veronique told us a lot about Gaston Leroux and his heritage. Please, visit our special page with lots of pictures!

Main cast members from Russian stage version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical visited Paris, Grand Opera and met with Veronique too. The TV coverage of their voyage was on screens July 31. You can learn more about it on the special page.

Also we added more facts and pictures to the Russian stage version-to-be page.

We're back with lots of news and new stuff!

Monday evening, July 7: The Phantom of the Opera reached an awesome milestone of 11,000 performances! The main cast included Norm Lewis as the Phantom and Mary Michael Patterson as Christine. But this milestone was celebrated next day with Sierra Boggess as Christine.

More countries are added to The Phantom of the Opera musical marathon! It will be played in Check Republic from September 9 and in Estonia from October 4. Also as a stop points within world tour it will be played not only in Istanbul, but in Beijing also!

And the key cast changes in London. As it was reported at, from Monday 1 September 2014, Liam Tamne will star as Raoul, and making their West End debuts: John Ellis as Piangi and Alicia Beck as Meg. Gerónimo Rauch will continue to star as The Phantom and Harriet Jones as Christine. Also from Monday 1 September, Emmi Christensson, will alternate the role of Christine.

Midsummer, the best time to have a rest! We are going to vacations too. See you in August! Be sure we will welcome you with more Phantom stuff!

As the last update before we go, we will tell you about very special Russian stage version, based on the Phantom story. The Phantom of the Opera: Deja vu, the story of a young female singer, who met the mystery man in Opera house... And opera music will pleased your ears. More about this production with pictures you can find on the special page.

We present you one more Tales of the Shadowmen volume: Femmes Fatales. Definitely, Christine IS such femme. She, as the countess de Changi, appears along with some of Howard Lovecraft's characters in "Masquerade in Exile" story. I should say, this story surprises with its wholeness. Here all the characters (in spite of crossover) work together for the one concept in Grand Guignol style. You can find the synopsis on the special page.

Howard P. Lovecraft was mentioned not by accident. His characters appeared in the story above to move the plot, but one of them is here for another purpose. He is for our fellow Phantom fans, and you can read on the special page with The Music of Erich Zann story.

The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Tour is going to Istanbul for the short period from 8 till 26 of April 2015. It will be staged at Zorlu Center PSM in Besiktas.

And one more excited news! Phantom of the Opera audition for the Finnish National Opera production in Helsinki is now started! The Production will be opened 4th of September 2015!

The page of Love Never Dies in Japan is now updated with more facts and pictures. Learn more about very specific feature in Phantom appearance!

"Phantom" by Laura DeLuca is the first book of Dark Musicals trilogy. It's a modern retelling with some interesting plot twists, suspense, murders and quite unique Phantom figure. Please, read more about the author and find the synopsis on the special page.

Full moon and Friday the 13th is a fine reason to update our site.

Svengoolie horror show brings you the old and classy horror jokes and sketches. In 2012 it broadcasted Phantom of the Opera parody, based on 1943 Universal movie. Special page will tell you how it was, with pictures and video.

As a bedtime story we suggest you another Tales of the Shadowmen volume with Phantom of the Opera crossover short story. It tells us again about Erik's Angels of Music, this time with very special twist at the end. Special page with synopsis waits for you.

So, as you can see, I'm reading books, I'm writing synopsises... but how many fanfics were published in general? For example, in 2014, from Jan to May, 25 books about the Phantom were published. And I made a deep research. Now I can tell you shocking truth, ready you or not.

I found 208 sequels, prequels, side stories and modern retellings of the Phantom of the Opera story. (Im not speaking of books for children/young adult, language adaptations, documentary, comics, etc.) I inspected them carefully and add its annotations to my site's book sections.

You can find new additions below:

• sequels, prequels, spin-offs (51 new)
• books inspired by Leroux's novel / books with similar storyline (32 new)
• romance, love stories (16 new)
• documentary (11 new).

"My name is Legion: for we are many". (The Gospel of Mark, 5:9)

Today we celebrate Universal Children's Day, so we congratulate children around the world! For them today we prepared new pages.

Quack Pack: Heavy Dental by Walt Disney Television Animation is a funny animated series about Donald Duck and his family. How his nephews appeared in Phantom-ish story, you can see at the special page.

And for young adults we prepared new PC game: GrayMatter by famous Jane Jensen. How it corresponds with Phantom theme, you can discover at the special page, with full information, screenshots and concept art.

Chanson de l'Ange trilogy written by Paisley Swan Stewart is now completely read and reviewed! You can find full information about the author here and two special pages: volumes 1-2, volume 3.

And small present for Wishbone's fans. Phantom of the video store by Leticia Gantt is a novelette for young adults. Wishbone helps his friend Joe to solve the mystery of video stalker.

Today in Russia all schoolchildren celebrate so-called "Farewell Bell". It is the last "official" day of school, though somebody still will have some more lessons next week, as well as taking graduation exams. Today we congratulate all schoolchildren and suggest to take a look at some schoolbooks with Phantom of the Opera inside them.

Let's take music lesson! Musical and rock-opera chapter suggests us Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals as an example. Visit our special page to know more!

And English classes! There are almost half a dozen of textbooks known where pupils can read about the Phantom of the Opera. Today we show you one more book here.

Today we present you The Essential Phantom of the Opera edited by Leonard Wolf. This great book consists of Wolf's introduction (very clever essay), the Phantom of the Opera novel itself and several appendixes. We recommend you this book for its essay and for its gorgeous footnotes. They are such a treasure! More about this book, Leonard Wolf and pictures can be found on the special page.

And the bad news. We found the most... the most... well, just take a look at the special page and find out about this short story from "Storybook" anthology by Nelson Tendras Jr. And never ever write like this. Ever.

Today we're reading two very different books. One is for young readers, another one is for adults. But they contain something in common... Try to guess!

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex suppose to be a funny reading. It's a poem, but I'm not sure I've caught author's sense of humor. But I do like pictures, especially when the Phantom of the opera is Lon Chaney's. More information is on the special page.

Let the Dream Begin by Pamela Clayfield is not a direct retelling of the Phantom's story. It's a modern day story about Lucy who wants to perform Christine in the musical, and the director Michael (like, well, Crawford?) who fells in love with her. More information is on the special page.

Today we are reading Becky L. Meadows' Progeny and its sequel Phantasy. Both books are 400+ pages and have multiple POVs. And as long as Progeny is just an average Erik/Christine fanfic, Phantasy explores reincarnation, metaphysic, and soul mates themes.

Please read more about the author on the special page. Each book has its own synopsis.

Peter Hollens, the talented a capella singer, presents his Phantom of the Opera cover. Phantom of the Opera, All I Ask and Music of the Night, sung with his wife Evynne and posted on his official Youtube channel, are talented mixtured and arranged. Please, read more about Peter, his carrier and other covers at the special page on our site.

12th of May was the first day onstage for the second African American actor as the Phantom of the Opera and the third back actor in the world ever! Norm Lewis replaced Hugh Panaro, and also new Christine came into cast. Sierra Boggess now is Lewis's partnr.

Who doesn't know Doctor Who? And who doesn't know, that in Doctor Who series there were at last two episodes with Phantom of the Opera twist! The Fifth Doctor welcomed Phantom in The Caves of Androzani (1984), and the Tenth Doctor (played, by the way, by David Tennant) welcomed him in Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks. Please welcome special page for Doctor Who!

And please welcome our Tumblr! Now you can stay tuned with pictures and videos there too!

The Victory Day is the largest national and popular holiday. We, Russians, remember the deed of Soviet Union warriors in the Second World War. We are proud of those people.

Today we prepared the special page for Figures de cire, the French movie (1913) based on Gaston Leroux's short story about mystery of wax museum. Interesting information and pictures of this rare masterpiece presumed lost can be find here.

And also we present you "Phantom: The True Story" by Rosario Abraham-Montenegro, a story of the Phantom who became a... Yogi. If you can't imagine how it could happened, look at the special page!

Good news! Iluzija animation studio & Creative Buzz Films returns with new offer! Don't miss it!

Today's the main day of all the Phantom fans! It's Gaston Leroux's, Erik's creator's, birthday! No Leroux - no Erik - no us! Happy birthday, Monsieur, and thank you!

New book on our Phantom retelling shelves. This time is a newcomer (sort of), "Destruction of Obsession" by Catherine Miller. It was published in October 2013. Ms. Miller's second Phantom-like book has already been published, and later we definitely will read it.

Information about the author and her DofO book you can find on a special page.

1st of May was a very important holiday in the USSR. Peace, Work and May, as all of us remember. Today we congratulate you with Spring and welcome to our new pages!

Ballet 'The Phantom of the Opera' by Ballet Theatre of Scranton was presented to public twice: in 2012 and 2013. You can learn more about it on the special page, and synopsis with pictures is on the gallery page. Ballet has its secret: we don't know the composer's name! But shall we guess. =^_^=

Another page is for a great amateur performance, given by student trio on Mackinac Forensics Tournament. Normally we don't pick up amateurs, but not this time. How great it was you can read and see on the special page.

Il Fantasma dellOpera children's adaptation, for the sake of variety, in Italian. We prepared for you again the special page with pictures, as always, and story summary.

Russian pop star Nikolay Baskov and his ladies: the page is revised and one more duet is added too. He's singing with Karina Serbina, opera soloist. So how was it, with pictures and video, you can find here.

Finally! The second book in "Through Phantom Eyes" series by Theodora Bruns is read and revised!

Visit our special page to learn more about the plot and visit the main page about Bruns project with story about illustrations and other stuff.

Sad news about animated movie in project by Iluzjia studio. It was frozen, alas. As you may remember, animated crew was trying to rise some money to continue working on the project. But they wasn't able to collect enough, so their funding was cancelled. Find more info on a special page.

A new documentary was added to our book shelf: Phantom Variations by Ann C. Hall, who tried to make a deep research into Phantom phenomenon. Was she successful, you can find on a special page.

And also we updated our Steve Barton's page, especially in its gallery section.

Golden Mask Ceremony page is here! With a lot of special facts and pictures onstage and backstage, also with video for your convenience. Check right now how John Owen Jones, Anna O'Byrne, Lauri Brons, David Arnsperger and Russians Dmitry Ermak and Tamara Kotova haunted the Bolshoy Theatre as Phantoms and Christines.

Laurence Olivier Awards 2014 taken place at Covent Garden in April 13. Look at the special Olivier page to know more about the ceremony and Phantom appearance.

Also we added one more adaptation to our children book page. It's The Phantom of the Opera by Diane Namm. Look at the pictures and read how strange this adaptation was!

18th of April, The Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow welcomes 20th National Theatre Award Ceremony. This Anniversary is a good time for The Phantom of the Opera in Russia to be announced. Some very special guests will appear onstage. John Owen Jones, Anna O'Byrn and other international performers, as well as Russian Phantom and Christine (a big surprise to everyone is promised by Stage Entertainment!) will perform song from Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. 20th of April, the Concert will be broadcasted on Kultura channel (Russia).

Love Never Dies started its Japanese voyage in 12th of March. It will stay in Tokyo's Nissay Theatre till 24th of April. Please, meet full cast&crew and interesting facts at our special page. Also take a look at the gallery with promo pictures and backstage along with 22th of January's press conference. And special page with stage pictures is at your service.

Dear Phantom fans, today we present you a sort of story divine about Erik the Pirate, his first mate Persian, love of his life Christine and his rival Raoul of French Navy. Siren of the Sea is the story about Phantom of the Opera, set in 1700s and transformed into the pirate story. How things turned, how Persian looked for mermaids and what happened next, please, look at the special page.

Also we added one more cover to our Music of the Night collection. It's Sammy Davis Jr.'s version (1988). And more to say, we've got Rupert Holmes's The Phantom of the Opera song from his Widescreen album (1974), you can listen to this song here.

Das Phantom Der Oper/Das Gespenst im Opernhaus 1916, the first cinema adaptation of Leroux' novel presumed lost. Today we present you a rare treasure: an article of Austrian "Kinematographische Rundschau" magazine (published in 1916 May) with full synopsis of this movie!

Please check the special page with information about this movie and scans of the article.

Today We present you the third book in our "Phantoms of the Opera" series! Elena Komarova & Julie Lutsenko's Vampire's Advocate is on sale now! It's a crossover with "Dracula", and "Sherlock Holmes", and "Picture of Dorian Gray", and other stories from Victorian age.

Book is greatly illustrated by two Russian artists and our beloved EriksDesdemona, who you definitely know and love as we do. On a special page you can read about the authors and the story itself and see some illustrations.

The best movie Phantom ever, Sir Lon Chaney is having his birthday today! Many congratulations!

Today we present next page for our 1925 movie research. It's a storyline, shooted specially for San Francisco premier and cut right after it. The story was extended with duel, and Russian count, and more. So look at the synopsis and pictures and decide if you like it or not.

We also added one new book to our Books for children shelve. It's Mary Ansaldo's adaptation with great pictures inspired by Lon Chaney's Phantom!

New 2D animated movie is on progress! The Phantom of the Opera by Iluzija animation studio&Creative Buzz Films needs your support! More info and pictures on a special page!

Moscow Phantom of the Opera musical: tickets are on sale now, so please welcome to us and have a great time!

Today's Andrew Lloyd Webber's 66th birthday! Many congratulations to Maestro! And our update is for his immortal musical today!

China was chosen as part of World tours 4 times in 19 years, and presented 5 different Phantoms. Shanghai and Hong Kong welcomed musical twice, and now you can read about it on a special page. Also take a look at galleries: onstage and offstage.

News for John Owen Jones fans. He's coming to Moscow in April 18, to take part in Russian theatrical award ceremony at the Bolshoy Theatre.

Today we added a lot of new fanfics, six new videos, and also we present you a new artist from Russia named Nina.

Russian premier date is set on 4th October 2014! Tickets are on sale from 24th March! Russian Phantom fans will be more than welcome if you decide to visit the first official Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera premier!

To our schoolbooks list we added a study guide for music schools by Antonina Zhuchenko. In this volume she put printed music of Andrew Lloyd Webber works such as Cats, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Phantom of the Opera. Phantom is 30 pages of printed music for all those Phantom fans who has a good ear for music!

We're on the edge of spring, and the weather does not matter. For the first day of March we prepared for you some very romantic updates.

Take a look at the special page of Irish rock group Kodaline: they published two very special videoclips on Youtube. It's two-part story about a young man with very specific face issues, who wants the same as an ordinary man: his wishes, desires, hopes are absolutely the same. Watch yourself, and we advise you to keep some Kleenex box.

By the way. At American tour page we added updated map and new tour dates (just look, how many new cities!). And also we found two Phantom understudies: Allan Snyder and Eric Ruiz. Also we added tonnes new pictures, so we had to divide it into two parts.

Today we added a new item to ur list of books inspired by Leroux's novel. It's "Le petit homme de lOpéra" by Claude Izner. It's a nickname of two French sisters, who's writing their crime novels about amateur detective Victor Legris. Their books are bestsellers in France. The story about the little man from opera house takes place in not less than Grand Opera. What else it has in common with the Phantom of the Opera, you can read on special page.

We added one more singer to our cover versions list: now it's world famous José Carreras with Music of the Night and the main duet.

New American tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical is 10+ pictures large now.

Today in Russian Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrating. It's unofficial "men's day", so we congratulate our male Phantom fans!

We prepared today for you some "male" updates. iPad and iPhone game Mystery of the Opera: try to solve opera singer's disappearance! At least the first part of the game is very Phantom'ish. What happened to that singer, who's the antagonist, try to look at the special page! Spoilers alert!

Also we present one of Nat Geo's Most Amazing Photos' episodes: Beneath Paris. Here world famous photographer is discovering Paris most amazing underground places, including Grand Opera's cellars. More information and pictures at special page.

Our list of audiobooks was edited, lots of new items were added.

We also prepared special pages for Russian fresh audiobook (it used translation of 1911 edition), and also two English books with Patrick Horgan and Ralph Cosham as narrators.

Aaand new, ladies and gents, you can read the lost chapter, LEnveloppe magique, in French, and Russian, and English!

For our Russian Phantom fans we did our own translation into Russian. We translated from French text with invaluable help of our friends Rose de l'Opéra and Targhis, who edited our translation. Thank you, ladies, you're the best!

For English-speaking fans we've got great news too. Caitlin G. Freeman, know also as F.delOpera, published her English translation of this chapter as a stand-alone book The Phantom of the Opera: The Lost Chapter. She's in her quest of translating the whole novel now, and we're eager to read it!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Love you all!

As a good Valentines tradition we suggest you high rated updates. Please be careful! You must be at least 18 years old to open pages today!
But frankly speaking, today rating is de ure. De facto: let's see.

So our XXX movie page is updated with 2007 movie Phantom of Cyberspace. Believe us, you never saw such "Raoul" ever! Try our synopsis and screenshots!

And to read, we presents you the first book in 'The Master of the Opera series: Act 1: Passionate Overture' by the lady, who's first book was already put on our site. Know more at the special book page!

Dear friends!
Today we're giving you almost sensational and dramatic material! The lost treasure in Leroux' style!
"LEnveloppe magique," the lost chapter of The Phantom of the Opera novel!
It was published in "Le Gaulois," November 3, 1909.
Later Gaston Leroux deleted this chapter from his manuscript. So the book was published without this chapter.
Now you can take a look at the list of "Le Gaulois" chapters and try to read paper pages.

Today's our web site 9th Birthday! We're going to drop a couple of chandeliers and drink a box of Tokai to celebrate it! But before our party we're ready to make you a gift.

First, we prepared a page for the 4th national tour in the USA. The Phantom of the Opera started in Providence, RI last year, and now it's on stage in Chicago, IL. Cast&crew, interesting facts and videos are waiting for you. Also as usual you can take a look at the gallery with lots of pictures.

And we present you two new Phantoms:

Mark Campbell
Cooper Grodin

Phantom of the Opera is returning to LA! As it's written on official Phantom web site, it's going to be stage at the Hollywood Pantages June 10 - July 26, 2015. Tickets are on sale from Feb. 3.

Canadian actor and director Anthony D.P. Mann presents his new movie project The Phantom of the Opera. DVD is coming this Spring!

It's interesting that "Casting Christine: the Phantom Re-imagined" show aired on TVCogeco (Canada) in 2013. It was special casting show to find an actress for Christine. Savannah Kimmerer won, so she took part in shooting. You can see more info on the special page with casting, some pictures and videos. We can't wait to purchase DVD and tell you more!

New gossips and casting info about Russian version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera! Now with video! We're so excited and can't wait for full cast and ticket booking!..

Today's Student's Day in Russia. God bless everyone who's studying!

We present our new essay: Home Sweet Home. Erik's underground house with its dark mysteries and mother's furniture, how it could have been, how it could have been looked like? Pictures and plan are on the special page with quotes and our theory.

01/01/2014 - 01/23/2014
Also these days we've got whole line of updates in fanfiction, fanart and fanvideo section. Even if you're not able to speak Russian, you can enjoy watching pictures. Art has no language borders to understand!

12/31/2013 - 01/01/2014
Dear dear friends!!! Happy New Year to everyone! Let your wishes come true!

Today we celebrate New Year Eve with Married... with Children! Popular sitcom that was on air for 10 years! S9E21, Something Larry This Way Comes: how Larry saves the play.

And very light Phantom appearance in Jackie Chan Adventures, just for fun before New Year: I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet!

More news you can find in the News Archive 2013