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The Phantom of the Opera project came to life on February 4, 2005. It was a small site where the role-playing game archive was stored, but a short time afterwards the first materials for The Phantom of the Opera were added and they served as a source for our information portal.

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It is a non-profit project created exclusively for educational and entertainment purposes. Here you can find fictions and art of The Phantom of the Opera fans, reviews of the movies, stage plays and books on the theme, essays and other materials, for example, historical research on real prototypes, which were used by Gaston Leroux when worked on the novel, virtual tours to the Grand Opera, the cities and countries where Erik traveled by the author’s wish. Generally, here you can find everything you wanted to know and were unsuspicious of.

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A competition was declared in the site title, LostRian's variant won. So our website was named OperaGhost. The design basis was made by Ignis, the current version was created and brought to life by the site's owner Elena di Veneria. Wonderful drawings by Lunokot were used in menu and main page design. Maintenance works are carried out by tireless Мышь_полевая, programmer innovations are made in sections by Violet. Since 2014 administration has been widened. Now there are:

administrator and owner:
Elena di Veneria

IT administrator:

associate administrators:

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Site administration thanks everyone who has been helping and is helping to work on the site.
It is difficult to overestimate your work, support, and participation!

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All creators wish you a pleasant site journey! If you have something to add, if you want to share information or works, forum, guestbook and email are available for you.



This project is for information purposes only and does not pursue any commercial objectives. All rights to the audio, video, photos and articles posted on the website belong to their authors. Rights to official photographs and texts belong to their respective production companies. On all issues related to the materials application, please refer to their owners or to the website administration. The website authors take no responsibility for the resources content provided by external links.

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